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    Since there would be too many Stickies if all important Threads were stickied, it was suggested by iancook221188 to make a post were all important threads are mentioned. I have also decided to give a brief description of them so it would be easier for users to navigate.


    Guru3D Folding@Home Information/Help Thread {Start Here New Users} -> The title says it all. You can post here if you feel more information is needed for further clarification.

    GPU2 -> GPU3 Transition Guide For Windows + Link To Linux -> Name says it all and feel free to share your views about GPU3 BETA Client.

    SMP2 BETA Client v6.30 (NO Deino Or MPICH) -> Contains all important information on SMP2 BETA Client.

    Guide For Running bigadv On Windows Natively (A3 Core) {Massive F@H Points!} -> Please read the entire guide as misusing this will have a severe negative effect on the Science.

    For Guru3D Folders:

    Guru3D's Folding Stars -> Guru3D Folders that reach a milestone. Thanks to yoyo69 and iancook221188for maintaining this thread.

    New F@H Gurus -> New Guru3D members will be mentioned here.

    Folding Signatures in forums for Team Guru3D -> A privilege for Active Guru3D Folders.

    Updates From Guru3D Folders -> A thread for our fellow Guru3D Folders to inform us if their machine is down for maintenance or getting a new upgrade.

    Pictures Of Folding Farms/Rigs -> A place to show off your highest PPD earning rig.

    General F@H Threads:

    Folding@Home - Join The Fight! -> General discussion of F@H.

    F@H Updates -> This thread contains important updates regarding F@H. You can discuss the updates or if you want, post them but make sure to read the first post.

    If you feel that I have missed out an important thread, please PM me.
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