Likely not all Z490 motherboard will support Rocket Lake-S processors

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Feb 11, 2021.

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    My Z490 Gigabyte Vision G board already has the bios out for rocket lake. The m2 slot on the board is for pcie4 and it's labeled for it.

    I am going to get a 11900k and skip Alder Lake and the next gen after that totally. I should be good for awhile with pcie4 and an 11900k. Glad Gigabyte made their boards compatible with the new cpus and pcie gen.
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    Just had a co-worker build a machine based around x570 / 5950x, his old machine was a 7980xe @ 4.2ghz or so, x299 chip set.
    AMAZING difference, some 50% faster or better in most scenarios, goes through video work and games too, very fast (this is CPU improvements, not GPU improvements which should be obvious).
    He's REALLY happy with it, too, and he even says one of his NVME Samsung drives went from <100mb/s performance to 400+mb/s performance in one of the benchmarks (I forget which one, but the performance difference likely was due to intel security patches galore) with this upgrade.
    He's really really really happy and he's gotten the 5950x to an all-core 4.5ghz on really low volts. The machine could go higher but he likes it SILENT, as I do mine also.
    His only complaint is now that part of his house is cold and he has to install a small heater after running intel for so many years.
    He used Trident Z Royal memory and an Asus Crosshair Hero Dark x570 motherboard for what it's worth, and was one of the lucky few managing to find an RTX 3090.

    On my end I was actually shocked how much better it was than his old machine, but I am happy he is just as impressed with his machine, just as I still am with my 3950x / Asus TUF x570 wifi/plus board.
    There is not a day that goes by that I will ever even think of regretting this 3950x purchase, not even CLOSE.
    His machine is silently liquid cooled, mine is air cooled almost silently and makes much less noise than my old 4790k machine with a Noctua NH-D15S on this.

    I didn't like PCI-E lane-juggling acts on my Z97, nor the extreme amount of heat put out, nor the lack of available processor upgrades for the Haswell system. That is why I got AMD this time.
    Work during the day and gaming at night, and it doesn't flinch in either department... This is one of the first machines I built in a while that literally has no short-comings, considering the price paid.
    The only time I hear this kick up is if I fully load all cores heavily, or if I run BeamNG Drive and spawn 20+ vehicles in 'traffic' mode in my Los Injurus City map mod.

    That said, if you just want to game on it, and don't need it to work; either AMD or Intel are both very good options if you buy the latest or last-gen stuff at a good price (or at-least not over MSRP). Find what you can and just get it, provided it'll have enough cores to make you (and your software) happy. A 3700x or 9900k, for what it's worth, would make 95% of gamers quite happy.

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