Lian Li Lancool II Mesh or Phanteks P500A?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Netherwind, Jul 11, 2020.

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    I've waited for these cases for a long time and now when they finally are release I have a hard time choosing. I want the white versions and really want to focus on GPU cooling since playing games doesn't actually impact the CPU that much meaning CPU temps are less important.

    I've watched Gamers Nexus videos but it's not easy to choose.

    Lancool II Mesh Pros/Cons:
    + Has perforated sides
    + Has direct GPU cooling
    + RGB fans are in the front of the plate (aesthetically more pleasing)
    + Cheaper
    - Non-removable drive cage
    - 120mm fans
    - Hole in the bottom of the case (can be taped)

    P500A Pros/Cons:
    + Bigger
    + 140mm fans
    + Removable drive cages
    + More included accessories (Vertical GPU bracket & GPU anti-sag bracket)
    - Cable routing sliders
    - Louder fans
    - More expensive
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    Well as louder fans are not good, and you focus on GPU cooling (which is a pro for the Lancool as you noted), I guess you should go for the first. Look wise I think it's a match anyway, and if you don't need the GPU brackets, I guess you can do with the Lancool.
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    Hi there

    Both cases have pros and cons that's for sure, GPU temperature in both cases are pretty much similar, difference between the two cases is 1-2°C when it comes to GPU load temperatures.

    I'm bit surprised by Phanteks P500A have louder fans, 140mm fans should push more air than 2*120mm fans and therefore temperatures should be a bit better

    Not sure what fans are in P500A, assuming they are not PH-F140SP/XP because I have these fans and they're quite okay and not loud at 1000-1200RPM range which usually I target fans

    I didn't not seen the YT review of both cases, I have only read reviews of them on Techpowerup

    Which I would choose probably Phanteks case, I have good experience with Phanteks cases

    I have used as well Lian-Li cases in past, I loved their older cases, newer not sure

    But I agree with above @fantaskarsef regarding that and really depends on what you want or what need from case

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura
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