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LG UJ670V 4K TV @ 1080p 120hz

Discussion in 'The HTPC, HDTV & Ultra High Definition section' started by Barry J, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Barry J

    Barry J Ancient Guru

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    RTX2080 TRIO Super
    I have been using my Tv for 4K gaming but due to RTX I needed to use lower resolutions
    I was really surprised was not 60hz all resolutions.

    1080p @ 120hz
    1440p @ 30hz
    2160p @ 60hz

    Is this normal for 4K TVs I must admit i am loving 1080p 120hz battlefield V very tempted to use 1080p for fast paced games.
  2. scatman839

    scatman839 Ancient Guru

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    1080, KD55XD800
    Some of the higher end TVs have lower resolution at higher Hz, unfortunately mines is locked but I doubt running very many games at 120fps anyway.

    One thing that's useful is that having a UK tv means I have a native 50hz option available for when I can't quite hit 60fps.
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