LG To Release 144 Hz 34GN850-B 34" Gaming Monitor with Nano IPS Panel

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 20, 2020.

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    Yeah that's found in this LG "Nano" IPS display actually, or well the response time overdrive at least and the way it cycles and reduces the response time to the "1ms" period is achieved by the fastest overdrive rate thankfully however fast is the default, is almost as fast and has none of the downsides so it's just there for marketing as the image is just terrible so basically marketing only.

    900 series here could be better about it and some of the other downsides other than the inherent drawbacks of IPS and it's variants itself. (Glow for one.)

    Definitively a good case for a solid review making a good difference for what's marketed and what actually is and what the user gets plus downsides to some of the "boosts" utilized or sometimes even used by default. :)
    Can't fault the display I'm using it's been really good but it helped to know about a few of these things first although I suppose that's hardly anything new for how complex the computer hardware scene is in general and how much it's changing just from a year or two. :D

    Refresh rate overrides and timing tweaks might introduce blanking or signal loss but careful testing and not immediately going for anything too high should work, firmware updates when available(*) could also help for any added modes in the display settings from the factory. :)
    * - It seems to really vary how this is handled, couldn't find anything for the 850 from a couple of searches but the monitor I'm on is a Rev02 updating the initial Rev00 launch model and the later Rev01 whatever these actually did plus a USB cable was part of the packaging for updating the firmware if any would be available.
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    Tonight i started thinking about may be changing my 4k hdr 60hz screen for some thing more up to date so i had a quick browse on ebay only to be horrified, i paid around £350 for my LG 27UL600 27" IPS 4K UHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor in January but now the price is £493, i think pricing is very over bloated atm.
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