LG to launch 4K HDR Gaming Displays at CES 2017

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 14, 2016.

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    AFAIK the HDR-10 standard is nothing more than a minimum requirement for contrast and total brightness, along with 10 bit colour capability. My monitor meets the specs for HDR-10, so when games start supporting it I'm going to be pretty pissed if that colour mode won't activate due to my monitor not having some stupid certification.

    4K HDR at 100Hz+ is going to require too much graphics power pretty much forever. As always I'm waiting for a 1440p HDR 120Hz+ screen, which implies it'd be at least as colour accurate as an IPS.

    Competitive games is where it matters, and hitting high frame rates is usually possible in those. CS GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc can actually be ran at hundreds of frames per second.
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    Yeah i can see it mattering to competitive gaming, but competitive gamers will probably be sticking to 1920x1080 for a while, maybe moving up to 1440p eventually, its not like LoL at 4k would give you an advantage.
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    I think people like myself make these posts saying "120/144hz or no thanks" are just hoping, that the companies pushing these high-end screens for "gamers" may actually come to a realisation. Which is that the majority of their target consumers are actually not interested in 60hz displays anymore. I mean 120/144hz at 4K is now possible, so to be announcing a new monitor, that is obviously supposed to be on the cutting edge of display tech with HDR etc. and only at 60hz is foolish. Referring to IPS or equivalent of course.

    Maybe it's a costs thing, well then just have one model that fits this bill. For the love of all things 144hz just have something on offer, don't completely disregard refresh rate!
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    ^ yes, anything bellow 60hz for me is unbearable, makes me dizzy when playing.

    I bought my benq 24xlt 120hz monitor like 5 years ago, and no gpu then could match ultra 120fps.

    I will never go back to 60hz, I just can't.

    I play games like Cs go, overwatch, bf1 which I play all at low just to have those fps match my screen's refresh rate. It's fast and I need that.

    I can buy today one 4K tv or monitor(I even considered buying one for my PS4 pro, but it's not what I'm looking for, also not a good long term investment.

    I rather wait and have that perfect 4K 100+ hz true hdr monitor, that I can use for my pc and my ps4pro :D

    And YES, I decided to skip the entire 1440p screen generation, not really a big diference IMO. Yes it's better but not enough for me.
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  5. go4brendon

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    haha I love the classic 4k@120hz or no deal. 75hz is all I want at 4k
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    I don`t need as much from my screen:
    24 inch
    ips or similar
    and maybe more than 60Hz
    under 200$ price tag

    Because for this moment a 24 inch ips FHD costs me 550PLN and the one closest to my beloved spec is 1600PLN - there is a huge gap in here to be filled with just 1 step better matrix and some digital features in a controller
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