LG Intros 1MS UltraGear IPS gaming Monitor Lineup

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 5, 2019.


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    As strictly gamer, had thoughts about this IPS 1ms monitors, even 240hz, but all of them have flaws. Panel lottery is always present so u can have clouding, blb, and glow. IPS glow. My TN glows too, but has no blb, almost 0 clouding and 0 dead pixels.
    And. I am fan of strobing, for blur reduction. None of IPS panels have done it right(maybe asos pg279q has it with ulb 144hz good) but rest doesn't have it at all, or flawed, like with double after images, ghosting or bad overdrive artifacts.
    Xl2546 isn't perfect but I managed to make it work almost perfectly with 240hz and blurr reduction off and 144hz with clear image, faint shadow only and a lot better effect than on my old xl2720z with blue reduction enabled. And a lot better colours too. 144hz is a lot more friendly for me for smooth and competitive gaming. Just see enemy just because his moves are not hidden by screen slow pixel translation and blur is must for me.
    Still waiting for OLED or uLED screens....

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