LG Electronics Launches UltraGear 27GN950 4K IPS / 144Hz / HDR600 gaming monitor.

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 21, 2020.

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    RTX 2080Ti Gaming X
    i have oled tv 55" 4K HDR pair with 2080Ti Trio, and yes i can tell 2080Ti its not pefect for all title games at 4K but they working well and decent, when i playing games like adventure game like FFXV yes its beautiful can do 80-90 fps average with dlss on last patch, but the problem is my eyes was quickly starting tired after 2 hours playing games idk why, and when playing competitive gaming like apex legend its was so hard and i can tell easier playing on 27" asus vg27AQ 2K 144, and i can play like 5 hours straight without any tired eyes, ips was suk on black color yes, only va/oled/and samsung has new panel i forgot what name has decent black color too, if we already stay for long time at 4K gaming, i can tell surely when im dropping even at 1440P the different object pixel enviroment was so different for me, even the grass the tree the rock on the games was rendered different image quality, thats why 4K gaming its the new standart for me , never touch 8K gaming because i believe my engine will crawling and dying fps
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    MSI RTX2080 Super G
    • 1440p
    • 16:9
    • 144hz
    • OLED
    • 32"
    • 2ms
    • curved
    • crosshair function
    for me plz. Price doesn't matter.
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    1080Ti FTW3 S2716DG
    After reading this in-depth review there is no mention about internal LUT for hardware calibration. http://blog.livedoor.jp/wisteriear/archives/1077822547.html

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