LG B7 , PC performance 60 + 120hz @ 1080p + DV

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    well i just bought this one which seems to be 2017 clear winner in the 4k TVs race

    it offers many things like a smooth menu transition unlike Samsung SUHD and Sony's androidTV (based on my experience at least )

    now DV in Netflix seems to be the only this allowed in there , no HDR content/option just DV and man it looks good



    here's a video of Mass Effect Andromeda running 1080p @ 60fps then switched to 120hz/fps and a little tour around the fast WebOS 3.5

    i give it 9/10 , the speakers aren't the best when connected to PC
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    Very good. Lets see some gaming performance on this baby.
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    Congrats on your new B7!
    We bought the 65" OLED C7 from Video Only, they beat everyone $$$$$$, and 5yr. Warranty.
    Love it now!
    Started to go stupid on us after 2 1/2 weeks, found the problem, bad HDMI cable. Needed to be 4k cables, replaced one going to TV to the Bose, and the one from Bose to our DVR Comcast, WOW! what a difference.
    Did only a few times on gaming but haven't test yet with the new 4k cables.
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