LG 32MP58 what a great monitor !

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by garikfox, Nov 10, 2016.

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    If your looking for a good 32 inch 1080p IPS monitor this is it, the price is also good at only 199.99 US.

    My Calibrated settings below (Spyder5).

    Brightness: 12
    Contrast: 60
    Power Savings: Off

    Picture Mode: Custom
    SuperResoluton+: Off
    Sharpness: 50
    Black Level: High
    Response Time: Off
    Overscan: Off
    DFC: Off
    Black Stabilizer: 50

    Gamma 1
    Color Temp: Custom
    RGB: 50,48,52

    FYI: If you're using a Nvidia GPU don't forget to go into the Nvidia Control Panel and in the "Change Resolution" section change it to "Full" instead of Limited. By default Nvidia sets it to Limited for HDMI because most HDMI TV's cant display the full colors PC monitors can. RGB "Full" is what you want.
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    too big fro a 1080p monitor, but i appreciate your recomendation

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