LeTV 65" 4K = any reviews?

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  1. Valken

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    Forsa 1060 3GB Temp GPU
    I walked by my TV dealer and finally saw the newer 55" LG OLED 4K TV. Blew EVERYTHING away but at 5K USD, it was sobering and brought me back down to earth.

    Then I saw they had a LeTV 65" 4K Flat TV pinned to a wall and it looked actually BETTER than the Sammy 65" 4K Flat TV playing the same content.

    Samsung was ~ 3K USD, the LeTV was only 1000 USD!

    But I cannot find any reviews about it or the curved version except for these links:

    http://www.lemall.com/max65.html 65" 4K @ 60 HZ

    http://www.lemall.com/chao4/x65.html 65" 4K Curved @ 60 HZ and 3D (120 HZ?)


    Ultra 3 Max65
    3rd generation Super TV

    We recommend viewing distance

    2.4 meters to 4 meters long
    packing list

    Tips: Accessories Specifications appearance to prevail in kind, some parts are optional. This product contains switch TV ads.

    IPS technology uses 65-inch 4K display

    Resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels

    FPR 3D technology does not blink

    NTSC85% high color gamut 178 ° wide viewing angle

    120Hz refresh rate 300nit overall brightness

    Mstar 6A928 professional 4K processor

    1.4GHz quad-core Cortex-A17 architecture CPU

    Quad-core Mali-T760 MP4 GPU

    4th generation image processing engine MACE-PRO4

    The support 60 H.265 format 4K video hardware solutions

    Professional moving picture processing chip Novatek72324

    3GB DDR3 large memory

    16GB eMMC speed flash memory

    The fourth-generation magic sound system 2.1 channel stereo

    Total power 40W (10W * 2***9312; + 20W subwoofer) Built-in speaker 7

    Dolby Audio & DTS Premium Sound

    Supports optical audio / headphone audio output

    Top Dual microphones

    Note ***9312;: "2" on behalf of about two channels, each channel has three speaker

    Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless network

    5GHz & 2.4GHz dual-band dual-antenna MIMO

    2.4G RF radio frequency wireless linking super remote control, less interference

    Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
    Connection with the expansion

    3 USB ports (two USB3.0), 1 x SD card slot

    3 HDMI port (that supports ARC, a support MHL2.0)

    A component interface, a VGA port, an AV input interface

    1 Mbps network interface, an analog TV interface

    A suite of Kara OK slot connected Super King Music King

    Optical audio output

    Size and Weight

    Seamless bent metal frame, the use of diamond cutting and anodizing process

    Brown transparent polycarbonate fireproof brushed metal back cover +

    Narrow border 8.9mm (left, right, top) lower frame 13.1mm

    Body 18.5mm (the thinnest) ~ 49mm (thickest)

    Without stand 1451.5x830.6x49.0mm (L * W * H)

    Without stand Weight 30.61kg

    Including cloud base 1451.5x940.6x261.0mm (L * W * H)

    With stand Weight 35.31kg

    Note: The actual product data and annotation data may be a little bias
    Electrical performance parameters

    Operating voltage 220V

    Power 190W Standby ***8804;0.5w

    Energy efficiency level 2
    smart system

    EUI TV Edition

    Android-based depth of customization and optimization

    EUI TV Edition includes:

    Far speaking voice scene voice somatosensory control

    Desktop Carousel automatically identify source

    Notification center theme of the market system screenshots

    Video call music as the cloud plate TV Butler

    Turn off the screen in multiple languages ***8203;***8203;(Simplified and Traditional English)
    Premise applications

    Tips: Apply to TV preset prevail in kind.

    Definition television affiliate programs, you need to log in to watch a networked environment.

    Member Services after the expiration, if not paid, you can see the same smart TV and other content.

    Broadband and clarity

    10M of bandwidth 4K resolution

    8M-bandwidth 1080P clear

    4M bandwidth, ultra-clear

    3M Bandwidth HD

    2M bandwidth SD

    1M bandwidth, smooth

    Music, as the clouds open platform video

    Ensure smooth HD video experience

    Global 680 CDN nodes, export bandwidth up to 20T

    Depth coverage nationwide and overseas more than 60 countries on five continents core city full coverage

    Working temperature 0 ***8451; ~ 45 ***8451;

    Humidity 20% to 80%

    Storage temperature -15 ***8451; ~ 45 ***8451;

    * 1GB = 10 billion bytes, actual capacity will be less than the nominal capacity

    * Size and weight, because different manufacturers differ slightly

    * HomeTime call requires both sides HomeTime equipment (Super TV / super phone), and successfully access network

    * Super voice may not be available in all regions or in all languages

    * Size (diagonal) screen effective display area by rounding process, the actual size may be slightly smaller

    * Processor clock frequency, after taking one decimal place

    * This product contains switch TV ad

    * This website product images and data, functions, interfaces, and other specifications for reference only, music as possible regarding the above improvements, specific information please refer to actual product. Except as otherwise specified, the data on this site are involved in music, as the internal test results.
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    I did find English reviews of the 55" 4K and it was terrible. I actually saw it and it was definitely 30 HZ @ 4K which I completely ignored it.

    However the other 2 are @ 60 HZ.

    The screen would be primarily attached to my PC (will upgrade GPU) and then to play games, watch movies and work (graphics and design documents) in that order. Motion interpolation either built in or via PC would be required for movies.

    Don't watch mainstream sports, news or care about any SMART TV features.

    Specs do not look too bad for a monitor. For the price + 1070 SLI, this would still be cheaper than a Sony or Samsung 55" 4K Curved TV.

    If anybody has other experiences with this especially color / screen quality, input lag and overall refresh rate performance, I would appreciate it. I would love to compare this to a Vizio but my TV dealer doesn't carry it.
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  2. sykozis

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    XFX RX 470
    It's definitely a nice looking TV. However, you really have to wonder what corners they cut to get the price so low. Granted, they're probably not paying for much, if any, real R&D.
  3. Loophole35

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    EVGA 1080ti SC
    Main thing to look for is 4:4:4 in 4K other wise it will be horrible as a monitor. I doubt that TV is 4K@60 with 4:4:4 likely 4:2:0.

    4K@60 4:4:4

    4K@60 4:2:0
  4. Valken

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    Forsa 1060 3GB Temp GPU
    Hi Loophole,

    I will check that next time at the shops. I just saw a slew of other branded 4K TVS - Skyworth, Hisense and LeTV. All 4K @ 60+ FPS.

    I will see if I can get technical specs for each.

    Is there a set of 4K videos files I can download to a USB finger to test the sets at the shops? All of them were setup via the Android OS but they didn't have enough bandwidth to stream in any 4K content.

  5. BananaRepublik

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    Gainward 1080 @2100/10926
    Just my 2c, but stay away from Chinese TV's. I've been living in China for a few years now, so I've tested a lot of TV's and I ended up with an LG.

    Chinese TV's make use of heavy image processing which you can't disable. There is literally no option in the menu to turn things off. This adds a huge amount of latency. A friend of mine got a good deal on a TCL. Took it home, hooked it up and it literally had over a second of latency. You'd move the mouse and have to wait for the cursor to move. I went over to his place to take a look and went through every single option in the menu multiple times. Couldn't do anything about it. I had a HiSense that I had to return for the same reason. Couldn't disable image processing. I switched it out for a TCL which ended up having horrible image processing that made dark areas look like they had JPG compression. It was awful.

    Their latest stunt is displaying an advertisement every time you turn the TV on. It plays really loudly too, no way to turn down the volume.

    Trust me, do yourself a favor and just avoid them. Some of them have good image quality, but when you try and use it for anything other than watching TV, they're just terrible.
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  6. Valken

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    Forsa 1060 3GB Temp GPU
    Hey Banana Republic,

    Good to hear the info. I've seen these TVs setup in a lot of conference and waiting rooms for news broadcast and even Video over IP use. I guess it works for them due to the price vs performance but I hear you about latency and processing. I need those things off for gaming and that is the number one use for it, next to movies.

    My next though is on the LG screens. Just amazingly beautiful but it needs to come down by at least half the current prices for me.
  7. Loophole35

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    EVGA 1080ti SC
    The Sony panels are a good price and do 4K@60 with 4:4:4 when set to enhanced mode. They also have very low (for a TV) input lag at 30ms the OLED LG are better but only around 18ms. The Sony's also use android for smart function.
  8. BananaRepublik

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    Gainward 1080 @2100/10926
    Hey man

    Yeah, I settled on an LG. It's a 55 inch UB8300. I really love this TV. It's slightly older by today's standards, so no HDR or 4:4:4 colors, but it's an amazing TV. The colors and picture quality are fantastic. I use it as my primary display. I run my desktop at 1080p and game at 1440p and sometimes at 4K. The clarity in games is stunning, especially at 4K.

    I may upgrade again at some point in the next few months, because I want a 65 inch with HDR and true 4:4:4 colors and LG will be my first choice. Even here in China they're too expensive right now, but I'm still more than happy enough with mine to wait it out till the prices come down.

    Chinese TV's are fine for just watching TV or movies, but anything that requires an input and response, like a mouse or controller, is definitely out of the question.. and the startup ads.. my god, the startup ads.. I can't think of a single person that would want their TV blaring ads at startup.

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