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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by fredgml7, Mar 25, 2021.

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    Apple M1 came to the market with a great performance consuming much less energy than its rivals (Intel and AMD x86 chips), and it does that with passive cooling (Macbook Air).
    The thing to note here is the fact that M1 uses ARM base architecture (RISC) and it’s a real SOC (System On a Chip), everything is there including RAM, showing that it may be the future of the entire home computer industry.

    My take on this is:
    I don’t mind changing to RISC in the future, I kinda like that actually (especially when I see Rosetta 2's performance). But almost all the other things Apple likes very much such as soldered CPU/RAM etc., I despise, especially on desktops but also on notebooks (ok only for RAM and SSD/HDD here).
    I like very much the modularity of PCs as it is nowadays.

    What do you think about this? Can it make big changes in the near future?

    A good video about it:
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    It already did.
    And there nothing new saying that the vast majority of th tech world will follow Apple's trend.
    Shifting from PowerPC to Intel and from there to ARM showed something.
    Apple will always search the best option and they bow to no one.
    As much as I dislike Apple, I can recognize their merits.
    The SoC is the only logical step forward, as the computers as we know now will suffer a paragidm shift in the near future. Desktops and laptops are on a shirt life span, as more and more everyday most of the computing is done from mobile platforms which require small form factor and low power consumption.

    IoT and SoC are the present and the future.
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    All for it but SoC might be issue for customization atlest for end users.

    but well super low power chips with power of the desktop cpu/gpu that are 100-300 wattage , each in some cases
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    We only wish it would be like that. Even if it all goes to ARM or there will be unified OS for phones, laptops...etc it does not really do much for the end-user, it does for apple which now can develop one program for everything but I guess the benefits end there. To give you an idea, if I have to watch a movie, write e-mails or documentation...etc I still do not do it on my phone unless it's absolutely necessary. Yes I do check the forums on my phone or play music on it, but no one does any serious work on their phone. Just as I had to turn on PC 20 years ago to write emails, I still have to do it because phones didn't get much better, they are useful for reading them on the go, that's true. Laptops are similar problem, if the screen is less 14-15" it's just too small to work on it. All this ARM vs X86, iOS vs Android vs Windows doesn't really change anything for users(if you have ARM based Macbook or X86 one) it does for companies so they can change their development habits, spend less and charge and control more. In fact unified platforms are kind of bad for users because they limit your options to zero. It's just a matter of time till cartels form around stuff like this and it will be a lot fun.

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