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    MSI GTX580twin frozr PE
    hello so my HD6970 is probably faulty, as it seems the rear of it is loose.
    It is like a Shoe where the sole ahs left the other part and it creates a gap that is how my 6970 was at the rear it was like bent somehow.
    Well that isn´t my problem anymore it is sold andni ahve ordered this bad guy(not a 690/680):

    and i have also updated my PC with:
    Asus Maximus Gene V
    G.skill sniper Gddr3 8Gb
    i5 3570K
    ssd disk
    Only donwside was that the origina cooler that came with the cpu is faulty.
    As i have tried it at two different fan conectors and it sometime starts and sometimes i gotta help it so i could sometimes run the PC and sometimes it took me a while to get the fan spinning.

    so i ordered a CM hyper 212 Evo as well

    so now i´m a Nvidia guy as i can´t afford a 7970 and i have seen those cards aren´t all go it is a troublesome card, if i am not misstaken.

    but i do want a GTX680
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    Welcome to the family :p

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