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Discussion in 'The Guru's Pub' started by Freedom Eclipse, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Freedom Eclipse

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    It Is with great sadness that I have to say that I will be leaving guru3d.

    Ive been here for possibly just over or under a year even & along the way I have learnt alot of sh!t about overclocking aswell as meeting & speaking to a lot of great f**king fantastic awesome people,

    I know my attitude hasnt been prefect. I know I have a tendancy to swear a f**king lot in my posts,

    I have always tried to keep out of everyones hair, & add my touch of obscene humour to the forum at the same time which some of you accepted, for that I thank you because you have made my stay an enjoyable one.

    I know I am by far not the worst guru3d member, I dont scam people, I dont insult people, on the odd occassion I talk down to people but thats usually due to a small missunderstanding which is sorted out quickly between members. I have always tried to be helpful with most if not of my posts given the topics/strings I have been involved with (mainly in the ATi & Overclock forum) I have always tried my best to be polite (swearing doesnt count) & also welcome, direct/help newbies that join the guru3d & dont have a clue about sh!t as best as I could.

    all in all my time in guru 3d has been a f**cking amazing & very enjoyable one as the information thats based on these forums is never ending.

    most still say that guru3d's maturity in some forums have dropped & I partially agree on a 50/50 basis. some has been & some has not been & the some that has been would have not been if the mods & admins lightend up a little & were willing to look at things from a different perspective.

    other then that I cant fault the job you guys do. you do a great job of keeping stuff in the right order here.

    Because of the maturity levels in the forums have dropped & also the situation that has passed that a certain somebody was cutting up my comments & 'fixing' them b4 quoting them to sound offensive.

    Understand that I am not critasizing the way the situation was handled by hilbert, or the other mods/admins in any way

    & because of this...

    I no longer wish to remain here as a member of guru3d.

    I know I havent been the perfect model member but itleast I have made an effort to be as helpful with peoples problems along the way to the full extent of my own knowledge & also what I have learnt here at guru3d.

    thanks all,

    I will be back to check my inbox now & again for the next day or so if any of u want to keep in touch with me, feel free to drop me a pm with your email addy & I will get back to you.

    Best wishes & luck for all your future & current overclock projects

    Freedom Eclipse
  2. Darkest

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    I have no idea who you are. I just saw a wall of text and splurted a little.

    Anyway: Good luck and all that jazz.
  3. thecake90

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    Well good luck man!

    Have fun with the rest of the few remaining years in your life! :p
  4. John

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