LCD overdrive +hp2511x, hp2509m

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    Asus 7870+2509M+2511X
    In CCC, There is a section called LCD Overdrive.

    From what I read, it sends more volts to monitor to artificially raise the refresh rate.

    Given a asus 7870 cuda 2 and hp2511x, hp2509m monitors...

    What would be a "safe" setting to speed up the response...

    (yes, I have searched the internet and found no real information as to the exact settings)
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    incorrect, the CCC setting appears to just be doing it in software, changing pixel colors for you to help with slow/old LCDs

    it's not the same as the compensation built into the monitor, & it's not to do with overclocking (to get more mhz, which people have been doing recently & nvidia added a feature for this in their driver)

    so the question is, what do you want to do? get more hz so that your vsync has more fps?
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    LCD overdrive is based around changing the black and white levels of the pixels, so a higher refresh monitor has lower GTG transition rates thereby simulating a lower refresh /ms monitor without actually having to go out and buy one, as the time between the light and dark pixel change transitions are reduced.

    CC backlit TFT panels can only achieve a slate gray black anyway at best despite pure black colour settings, with LED backlit panels producing better black levels and contrast.

    This feature is not really useful on today's most modern panels unless you are still over the acceptable 8ms and below panel refresh rates.

    Nothing more...than merely a software trick as rightly said above. No voltage/hardware involved etc...
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