Lag and stuttering when i playing at 30 fps

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Catalyst Drivers Section' started by elpollodiablo31, Apr 20, 2017.

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    "I upgraded from a gtx 1050 ti by a 480 rx."

    I did not read every word, but I did see it said that DDU should be used and the idea rejected.

    If you once had an NVIDIA card (in the machine with driver installed, ever) then moved to AMD card, definitely use DDU. I would use it for both NVIDIA and AMD in safe mode, reboot to normal and install latest AMD driver as normal.

    Reboot after that and test. If for nothing, your system will be better off automatically even if the issue you are looking at is not fixed.

    If you have any 3rd party overclocking utilities installed, uninstall and install again (all normally) at any time after the above process is done.

    Look carefully at your bios. Enable or disable HPET and test latency in Windows after. All systems are different (year, make, model, etc...) but on my Intel machine, there is a dramatic positive effect to disabling HPET. Really truly a night and day difference (both measured and felt.)

    On some machines, the opposite can be true.
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    Radeon pro has been made pretty much obsolete with wddm 2.2

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    storport.sys isn't USB, it is ms storage driver.

    So try to fix all related to your ssd or? virtual drives?
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    I have tried some things that you have told me. Thanks for the advice. I have discovered for example that in gta v with the option of double-vsync and external shelling at 30 fps are already 30 fps real.

    So I think the right choice is double-vsync. This only works with the radeon pro and does not work well on windows 10. So I will have to bug me for now.

    Next week I get a gtx 960 for another used pc and I'll try for myself again if that's it.

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    I just noticed similiar problem with DarkSouls 3.
    If i stand in place and slowly rotate camera all is fluid as i locked game FPS with Afterburner on 30FPS (30 fps in DS3 is really fluid) then i continue to spin camera and after some time FPS stills shows 30 but stutter like 15FPS hell. After few spins all is normal for few seconds and again stutter.

    Belive me i tried almost everything but only thing that helps is play in window mode. Full screen always gives me those stutter in DS3.

    This maybe crossfire related (will check fullscreen with cfx disabled)

    Anyone noticed something like it?
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    Actually, with radeonpro it is. Lets not pretend like all the time you spent as a kid enjoying 30fps is invalidated because expectations grow with time.

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