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  1. I'm interested in grabbing a 5700 XT, which one is considered to perform the best OOB? Thanks'
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    AMD S. 5700XT Pulse
    Build wise that's the 50th Anniversary editions if any would be available for purchase, second after that would be the stock 5700 XT although the blower cooler means some compromises to get it cooled down mainly a manual fan curve and more noise as a result.

    Strix and the water cooled Blue Devil or how it was called are also quite solid but above the other custom models even the Nitro in terms of cost so it's tough to recommend these when the total move from 450 something US Dollar to near 600
    Then there's the triple fan design of the Nitro+ Red Devil and well the China only unless imported Sakura or what it's actual name is variant. (Import of that though is going to be very costly so just listed for completeness really.)
    Next up would be I believe that's the dual fans of the Red Dragon, Pulse and the THICK-3 improving and fixing the THICK-2 cooler.

    After that I'm not too sure though some of the others are inferior and don't really do very well.
    Overclock and performance wise regardless of the above aside from maybe the 50th AE you're looking at 2000 - 2050 Mhz boost assuming the GPU isn't being throttled by anything maybe a bit higher with some tweaking but the stock voltage and GPU clocks are already pretty close to max mainly hindered by temps and voltage.

    Also speaking of temps the stock model while having a very strong PCB and the 50th AE both do run close to the 110 degree GPU core junction temp or about 90 - 95 degree edge GPU core temp and the stock fan curve end at 40% so it gets pretty close which limits performance and it gets pretty loud when increased above this.

    Triple fan models for which the Red Devil is as far as I know the best built followed by the Nitro avoid this best far as air cooling goes and the custom coolers are also pretty sizeable which helps with VRM and memory temps. :)
    (The custom model exclusive to China is thinner though it has triple fans but they also run pretty high from what I'm reading thus it's also louder but again import costs might exceed even the Asus Strix variant.)

    So it's the Red Devil if I'm not mixing it up with the dual slot (Which would then be Red Dragon.) or the Nitro with a recent LE model having a very small bump in both GPU core and also memory clock speed stock settings but the price is already above what you'd pay for the regular Nitro model and a bit shy of that of the water cooled Devil variant.
    Meaning it's near or even above that of the direct competing 2070S from NVIDIA around a 2080's performance level depending on model and local pricing of these cards so that's a thing over the MSRP of I think it's 450 US Dollar for the 5700 XT but near or over 600 for some of the custom models which I find a bit too much personally.


    5700XT 50th AE
    (PCB quality and such, less so for the stock blower cooler design.)
    Blue Devil (Water kit custom cooler.)
    Nitro+ LE
    Red Devil
    Red Dragon

    Bit unsure where the rest of these slot in and I might be missing a couple of dual fan models, China only 5700XT tri-fan would be between the Nitro+ and Red Dragon as a tri-fan but the import cost kinda excludes it because it would more expensive while not quite as competitive and I keep forgetting it's name too.

    Then there's one or two that just don't work very well or have widely inferior build quality or coolers that should just be avoided but I forgot the exact models and names here.

    EDIT: Naming wise the 5700 I think goes as Navi10 and then the 5700 XT goes as Navi10XT and finally the 50th would be the Navi10XTX

    Better binned chips thus better GPU and slightly higher clock speeds in the bios for the GPU core, fairly certain the Nitro+ LE is the only one trying to push a higher default memory clock speed but the Strix might be doing that too.

    Most target around 2100 Mhz boost and 1.2v which then depending on GPU silicon ends up at values up to the full 1.265v and the GPU usually hovering around the 2 Ghz clock speed value under testing at 1.2v something or a bit below.
    (Bit of a range here so some can undervolt well and others not at all and other factors.)

    Stock models also use 1.2v for the SoC voltage whereas most (All?) custom models go down to 1.050v with no real consequence and memory I believe is locked at 1.35v but it also scales from stock so overclocking it further might give different readings.

    EDIT: It's been some time since I kept up with the exact order and the latest models other than noting the newer versions like the Nitro+ LE or the Blue Devil or how it was named, triple fan designs can push more air and run more silent as a result but the size is a bit larger as well.

    End result is usually around a max of 2100 Mhz for the GPU core if you try to max it out and memory can be anything from a stock of 875 Mhz to 950 Mhz where Wattman caps it by default it's kinda sensitive and prone to either crashing or giving a performance reduction from how the VRAM uses error correction to keep operating but at reduced efficiency.

    That's also why the price kinda factors in at least a bit as most every card including the stock PCB and cooler models can hit this though some tuning of the fan profile can be required depending on ambient temps and resulting GPU sensor readings for avoiding any throttling but even the dual fan versions do a good job over the blower defaults. :)
    (Although I would be hesitant at spend another 100$ or even higher for just a cooler improvement or more for what some of these are priced at.)

    EDIT: Ah and after a quick check the Thicc v3 might actually be a tri-slot design too well that moves it up a bit then to the rest of these above the dual fan designs. :)
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  3. :eek::eek::eek::D:D:D:cool: :) *shrugs* hmmph well whadya know about that...
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    AMD S. 5700XT Pulse
    Post is a bit of a mess because I keep adding in some additional stuff or remembering extra things but I think the list is fairly alright, 50th Anniversary or the Navi 10 XTX should indeed come out on top featuring AMD's usual fairly over engineered stock PCB when many of the other models compromise though it's in general still quite high build quality and the GPU itself won't have any issues even with heavy tweaking, pretty sure only a few models use more power phases but AMD uses fairly advanced components as well with the only drawback being that the stock cooler solution is a smaller fan blower which while it does exhaust the heat well it can only handle so much and a smaller fan means it has to work a bit more and generate a bit more heat but if that's less of a issue then a increase in the fan curve makes it operate well within parameters as AMD has chosen for when the GPU starts throttling either from power or from thermal levels.

    Disney and Buildzoid I believe worked on several PCB comparison videos and these explain it in a bit more detail than I could hope to do and it is also possible to use a third party cooling solution after removing the blower design though some care has to be done with fitting and such to make sure it covers the GPU and RAM adequately plus the VRM's and all that so these also get some benefits even if they can take a bit of heat but it's not something I'm very experienced with but there's guides and tutorials and recommendations for both air coolers and water kits here.

    Still some variance from GPU to GPU as per usual but they are the highest possible quality of the Navi 10 graphics cards though followed closely by the 5700 XT and the custom variants of this but my opinion is that several of the higher end custom designs are a bit out of the price/performance ratio for these cards when the cost starts nearing or matching NVIDIA's 2070 or the 2070S models but price levels might have balanced out a bit by now as stock improves and there's more models on the market as well.

    There's also the AMD Reddit but it's kinda filled by the AMD CPU news and such at the moment and information can be a bit mixed plus a fair bit of pro-AMD bias even against well informed critical posts and issues that just get downvoted, guess that's just how that is and then there's reviews from sites like this one or videos going into detail on the various cards, PCB designs or also overclocking and results with thermals or the audio levels from the coolers from the stock blower design to dual and the triple fan versions.

    Think that covers a fair bit of it at least, I'm not a expert or anything myself but I had to do a bit of reading as well when picking up the Pulse model as a balance between what was available and at what it was priced but I've been trying to keep up a bit with what's happened both with newer models being released and the software side and various sites and media plus the news around Navi12 and what's next possibly a 5800 for early next year but so far nothing is completely confirmed.

    Does look likely though with a 5800 and possibly a higher-end 5900 still after that sometime before AMD introduces the next version of Navi and the Navi20 GPU models probably late 2020 assuming the 5800 is first out followed by a 5900 model a few months later. :)

    The direct competition here would be when NVIDIA can launch what I guess will be the 3000 series following Turing for the desktop market.
    Expecting that the 5800 can match the 2080 or exceed it a bit and then the 5900 might be giving the 2080Ti some competition in performance though it's taken a bit of time to do so for AMD.
    (It kinda sits at a performance level of it's own although it also has a high cost.)

    EDIT: Well that's a bit into the next year before anything is seen or heard from either AMD or NVIDIA for the upcoming GPU lineup and what these might hit in terms of performance and all that.
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  5. Ah don't worry about that friend; if you've ever seen me write on here (unfortunately so) I have a really really bad OCD habit of doing that a lot...
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    GTX 1080ti
    not trolling with this, but it would be the one returned for a refund at the present time and quality of drivers.

    Would wait for driver quality to improve, and a good bargain.
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    Vega XTX LiQuiD
    Sapphire, PowerColor, XFX/AsRock in that order :p
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    AMD S. 5700XT Pulse
    The driver situation certainly is a thing, would be nice if there were more info on where things go wrong since some users have been utilizing the GPU just fine since the early drivers and others hit problems of all sorts plus the consistent things that just are like the clock speed issues with lower GPU utilization and the D3D9 API.

    19.7.5 breaks video playback here but the later drivers risk the GPU crash issue and (Not always recoverable.) black screen crash though that does appear to be a D3D10+/DXGI driver problem since going through Vulkan via wrapping from DXVK resolves it.

    Wattman's been a bit hit & miss but the fan profile is quite wonky since 19.7.3 at least for Navi and there's a bunch of other things mainly pointing towards the drivers being kinda inconsistent but that also makes it tough to narrow down although actual hardware errors do seem to be low so it's a software fault and something AMD kinda has to resolve whatever the actual problem is or problems as there's several.
    (Upcoming code in the Linux drivers should also start fixing up the GPU support here but yeah it's taken a while for that too so it's not strictly Windows and the Windows drivers either.)
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  9. This is for a linux build... @Astyanax else I'd grab a 2070 Super. Thanks @JonasBeckman; think I got what I need :)
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    Well, son has Nitro+ from saphire. 0 issues.
    Bought Pulse for friend, went green screen, hard shutdown, no VGA now. MB blinks VGA led, card is dud. Even cable message(like DP or HDMI used) do not appear. 4 days gaming, no oc, no nothing.
    In RMA process

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