Know some survival games?

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  1. Thought it doesn't have amazing graphics I'm going to recommend Terraria. Very similar to Minecraft except its 2D and has a lot of fun content and its pretty cool for creative expression. A more recent and better looking game is Conan Exiles. It's not perfect but I really enjoyed playing it with friends.
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    Maybe Stalker with those ultra-reality-hard mods
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    I'd argue to say it's the best for a true survival game.

    No hand holding, gather resources, have to eat, watch out for others and more dangerous factors, that's a real man's survivor game!
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    Don't get me wrong, I had hundreds of hours of fun with Rust. But it's extremely frustrating to get into a populated server and farm resources for an hour just to get killed by some naked griefer. Especially if you're still trying to learn the game

  5. Thanks, everyone! I've chosen Terraria to begin with and liked it. Suitable for newbies I'd say. Currently wanna try out Stalker games. I know they are not so easy, but I like the idea too much to stop myself. Later gonna choose from other games you named!

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