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Kingdom Hearts 3

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by WhiteLightning, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. tsunami231

    tsunami231 Ancient Guru

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    EVGA 1070Ti Black
    oh i would choose 60fps over 30 fps i choose 720p 60fps with nioh which wasnt even stable 60fps over 1080p 30 fps then again some games have to be 60 fps and 30 dont cut it
  2. Darren Hodgson

    Darren Hodgson Ancient Guru

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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2
    Problem with KH3 is that the game has neither a locked 60 fps or 30 fps mode in my experience though the 60 fps (Default) mode does feel much smoother. Oh and the PS4 Pro version seems to have a much more stable frame rate than the Xbox One X as well as I've played both. I think the One version is running at 4K and the Pro at 1440p but the One is really choppy in Default (up to 60 fps) mode and has the same frame pacing issues in the Stable (30 fps) mode. Let's hope it comes to PC at some point?
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  3. anxious_f0x

    anxious_f0x Ancient Guru

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    RTX 2080Ti SLi
    Digital Foundry pixel counted the Xbox One X version at 2560x1440, while the PS4 Pro version runs at 2304x1296. So yeah, neither console is close to 4K and both have poor frame pacing at 30fps with neither of them achieving 60fps consistently when set to that mode.

    They found the best way to play was on PS4 Pro with it set to 1080p in the console settings with downsampling disabled.

  4. Odellot

    Odellot Master Guru

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    2080TI SLI PG348Q
    I was excited to play this game..Also just bought a Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Controller..

    But was devastated to learn that KH3 has no HDR...Damn it Square Enix!! It's 2019..


  5. The Laughing Ma

    The Laughing Ma Ancient Guru

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    WC 980GTX
    This game got me.You see I played Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 back when they were just the first and second in the game saga and long before they become KH 2.36648758 to the power of 23 and the story became so convoluted and batsh*t that the only way to learn what is going on in them is to get a die hard fan explain it to you for 7 hours. Seriously I watched a 30minute catch up video prior to starting KH3 and the guy had to spend 7 hours learning the back story. Anyway, I liked the previous games they were charming enough with their Disny, FF, KH crossover fun and it was always fun to take part in what were at the time popular and established Disney movies and locals. The combat was fun and engaging enough but that was it. At a time when I was a diehard Final Fantasy fan this games were good enough to catch my interest but not good enough for me to love them. A single play through and that was that so I took the plunge and thought I'll give KH 3 a go, If I play through once as I did with the last 2 I'll have got my moneys worth. God was I wrong.

    Now however many years and however many KH games later KH3 is here and yeah on the surface I seemed to be enjoying it. Again the locals and Disney interactions seem charming enough, the combat is fun and engaging enough and it all seems to be alright, on the surface. Then you start digging, start playing a bit more and the cracks start to appear. The combat is alright but it isn't complex, and it is way over blown with far to many push a button watch an cut scene of something happen and long story short you can mash X and win and never have to do anything with magic. Fun enough but about as deep as a puddle.

    Then you start getting the little mini games the odd bits and peices that crop up way to often and feel like they were tacked on again not complex, but certainly not fun and more often than not just boring and it was during one of these mini segments that it hit me and hit me hard.

    So I am on the frozen level, I;ve just done one of these mini games were you are sledging down a hill on Goofy's shield, it's weak, boring and feels like someone rushed it out the door before finishing up for a Friday You do a min boss fight... i.e mash X a lot and now I am in to another mini game were I have to find parts of Olaf's body. There are only three bits to find and it's in a level that appears to be open world but is locked down by invisible walls but the kicker here is you have no mini map and their are parts that you can find that aren't right resulting in a mini 'comical' scene were he is put back together with the wrong bits. No combat, no real complex task just you wandering round a locked and quite boring snow scape looking for... well bits of snow and that's when it hit me.... Iam not having fun, this game isn't fun, this game isn;t even very good, why on earth am I playing it? I turned the console off at that point.

    You see, the combat is about the only really fun part of the game and it is so shallow, simple and so intercut with a heap of non-sense crap mini games that are neither fun nor engaging, they feel like padding. Now if the story was great this is the sort of thing that would drive you on, keeping you going I can't wait to see what happens to this guy next but the story is utter crap. Yes the bits that deal entirely with Disney aree charming as always but then the fourty seventh bad guy from organisation 13 organisation 13 mk2 turns up tells us his / her name because their is no f*cking way you'll have a clue who he / she is, says some evil nonsense then they pisses off never to be seen again.

    The first 'chapter' has you go look for Roxas, you complete that and at the end of it you haven't found him but Sora, I kid you not turns to Donald and asks 'what was I doing again' and I actually thought yeah mate what the f*ck are you meant to be doing. The story is a hot mess of convoluted garbage and listening to Disney characters spout about darness and hearts and dataselfs could be funny if it was done in a semi self ironic manner but it isn't it is so straight and poorly delivered and if the gameplay was good then you could maybe forgive it.

    This is a bad game. Over filled with crap mini games that break up the only engaging part of the gameplay which in itself is stupidly simplified and all tied together with one of the most impenetrable stories I have ever seen filled with characters that are utterly forgettable. Seriously I've encountered 5 bad guys in the game so far and I can't tell you anything about any one of them. I could name the bad guys from ever Final Fantasy game of the last 15 years but not a thing about 5 bad guys I have seen in the last week of playing this game.

    Thank god I have Spiderman waiting in the sidelines.

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