KFA2 GTX465 or ASUS DirectCU GTX460 1GB

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by SmoTaN, Dec 28, 2010.

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    I have a choice between these two graphics cards:

    KFA2 GTX465 1GB

    ASUS DirectCU GTX460 TOP 1GB

    Both models have similar price (the GTX460 being plus 20 euro more).

    I know the ASUS GTX460 i pre-overclocked and it is currently faster but I will also overklock them myself so that is not a big thing for me, so the only question is that which one to get and which of them will give me better performance after I OC them :).

    There are also examples where the GTX465 has been succesfully flashed into a fully woring GTX470 so that is also tempting me a bit to go for the GTX465!

    I have personal experience with the GTX460 and it is a good performer but I have no experience with the GTX465 and I don't know if it is a better option or not, previously the GTX465 was way more expensive but now the prices have dropped and it is even cheaper than this ASUS GTX460!

    So what would you choose?
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    personally i would say go for the gtx460. its cooler, draws less power, and can overclock better than the 465 last time i checked. some people have managed to get their gtx460s to 900mhz+ (albeit with a model that has a good fan).
  3. Cyberdyne

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    I would only get the 465 if it could be unlocked to the 470, but there is no way to really know if it will be able to. So go for the 460.

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