Kadzait24 Watch Dogs MOD ( Game Files + XML ) WIP and download

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by kadzait24, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. rubenmartin

    rubenmartin Guest

    any advice or settings for 2gb gtx770?

    i did xml config (written as readme) and stutter crazy. :banana:
  2. Spoonie

    Spoonie Guest

    Anyone else get flickering with headlights?
  3. kadzait24

    kadzait24 Guest

    This "TW" thing started to annoy me a bit more.

    I really hope people finally understands whats going on. Pretty exposed at this guy thread. And its not about competition. There is not "competition" here.

    Donations... money... i need money... i register users and say i donate... i become famous and i ask money from other peoples work... a game MOD.

    A mod, from a game.

    I saw pics from my Beta 0.3 saying it was made "by other guy" .

    More money asking. Sorry but this is just hilarious. And some people are supporting it.

    This is why PC community is so broken nowadays. For people letting this things happening.

  4. Madfighter27

    Madfighter27 Guest

    Dang, haven't heard someone ask this in a long damn time. Yes, every single person is. Problem with the dynamic shadows on headlights. I guess it's the reason Ubisoft left it out, wasn't ready and wasn't working.

  5. Goldie

    Goldie Guest

    be cool people.
    Bob Marley etc.
  6. HeLL

    HeLL Guest

    Thanks Ithian and others, didn't know that!

    Below my simplified instructions... feel free to add to first post :)

    Simplified instructions to combine Kadaitz 5.0 beta 3+Maldo stutter fix+BossDoF far camera

    You will need:

    a) latest packer/unpacker tool http://svn.gib.me/builds/disrupt/?C=M;O=D
    b) TheWorse+Maldo 0.8 mod: http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/watch_dogs_theworse_mod_8_download.html
    c) Kadaitz 5.0 beta 3 mod: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/3029445/file.html

    1. Extract packer/unpacker tool to c:\example\ or whatever
    2. Copy kadaitz patch.fat/dat files inside c:\example\bin\ folder
    3. Drag/drop the patch.fat file onto the Gibbed.Disrupt.Unpack.exe executable. This will unpack fat/dat files and create "c:\example\bin\patch_unpack\" folder with a lot of subfolders and files inside.
    4. For the DoF, replace patch_unpack\generated\databases\generic\cameracontext.lib with the one from TheWorse+Maldo mod which is in WDT_Data\Mod_Base\generated\databases\generic\ .
    6. For the Maldo stutter fix, carefully copy everything from TheWorse+Maldo mod \WDT_Data\Mod_Selection\Textures_Version\graphics\ to c:\example\bin\patch_unpack\graphics WITHOUT OVERWRITING EXISTING FILES.
    7. Rename "patch_unpack" folder to simply "patch" and drag/drop the folder onto Gibbed.Disrupt.Pack.exe to pack again. This will take a while and will create the new patch.dat/fat files.
    8. Copy these two files to \Watch_DOGS\data_bin64\ as always.

    Remember to follow Kadaitz readme instructions and set ingame textures to high since with Maldo fix, high is ultra and medium is high :)
  7. Loving the mod thanks so much for it! The DOF was way too strong so I unpacked the .dat file and changed the DOF to vaas's. Super easy to do so STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DOF GUYS AND JUST CHANGE IT!! Here is a screenshot. Running ultra everything including textures with shadows on medium no stuttering with two 7950s.


    For those who want to add their own DOF just download the disrupter bundle here:


    The you want to take your patch.dat and drag it over the unpacker.exe and it will create a folder in your watch dogs data folder (or wherever your patch.dat is). Then just download your own dof and replace it. I think its called cameracontext.lib or something like that. Then when you are done drag the whole folder over the pack.exe and it will make a patch_unload.dat and patch_unload.fat
    Delete the old patch.dat and patch.dat and then change the file names of the new .dat and .fat to patch.dat and patch.fat and enjoy being able to see 5 feet in front of you and enjoy this AWESOME MOD!!!

    So why hasn't it rained in my game in an EXTREMELY long time? I keep hearing people say that it rains too much. I've been using the worse mod since 0.7 came out and haven't been able to see the mod with rain not even once!
    How do I change my weather settings?
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  8. Spoonie

    Spoonie Guest

    Cool, just wanted to make sure. I try to follow all the threads, but they move so fast sometimes - and I wait for new, more complete versions to be released - which means, I'm not always around to see other people complain.

    Also I wasn't sure whether it was something I could turn off in the game settings, as with Kadz mod, you change a few settings in the xml file.

    I'm getting a little over this game, and trying to make it work without stutter.
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