Kadzait24 Watch Dogs MOD ( Game Files + XML ) WIP and download

Discussion in 'Game Tweaks and Modifications' started by kadzait24, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. DamnedLife

    DamnedLife Guest

    Every time I start the game I have to manually enable motion blur, is it like this for you guys? I think my GamerProfile.xml is wrong but it is the same with the readme file so what's the problem? Maybe making motionblur=pc is the culprit because it was console and I figured it was wrong so made it pc.
  2. DamnedLife

    DamnedLife Guest

    Well I second that, is making Shados Ultr in game disables you mod? But the performance increase for me is not that apparent, I just want to have Ultra at everything, including the Shadows and the Textures.. so my card can handle it for @1080p only I think.
  3. Sevlagoth

    Sevlagoth Guest

    What password?? Beta 0.3 is public and doesn't have any password. Go get it now! It's amazing if you have a Beefy PC.
  4. gerardfraser

    gerardfraser Guest

    You do know there is no password.

  5. apple890

    apple890 Guest

    Can you please provide the retail .exe and .dll? It constantly asks me to activate on uPlay even if I have the retail version....
  6. CoolerEra

    CoolerEra Guest

  7. apple890

    apple890 Guest

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  8. Spoonie

    Spoonie Guest

    Hey @FriskyNoodle - I thought I sent you a msg, but I didn't read the message after I sent it - I can't send private msgs - not enough posts. But appreciate you looking into the HUD for me! Cheers.
  9. PC-GTX

    PC-GTX Guest

    ps4 video was not real, Watch_Dogs - PS4 Commented Premiere Gameplay [EN] Was Running On A PC And Not On A PS4. the end game there are different things. you can now check it with the final version of ps4.
    own representative Ubisoft decided to come clean in a program of post-event GameTrailers PlayStation Meeting 2013. "Watch Dogs The demonstration was running on a PC with specifications close to those of PlayStation 4," said the man, as they did during the E3 2012.
  10. Just thought I'd post my performance experience as some people are having problems.... maybe it will let people gauge how they should be able to run it : My gtx 780 3GB (16GB RAM) Can run it at relatively high fps constantly... I can say it never drops below 40. All settings maxed with temporal smaa :)

  11. immortalhate

    immortalhate Guest

    damn the mod is good but is it better with a sweetfxs ?
  12. PC-GTX

    PC-GTX Guest

    the password for the beta 0.2. I talk about it. I have that version and never replied when I asked. And I want to try the beta 0.2, then beta 0.3
  13. PC-GTX

    PC-GTX Guest

    the password for the beta 0.2. I talk about it. I have that version and never replied when I asked. And I want to try the beta 0.2, then beta 0.3
  14. cupis12

    cupis12 Guest

    thank you for beta 3 looks stunning!
  15. Sevlagoth

    Sevlagoth Guest

    I'll upload the retail files for you guys. I got this from some other guy (Sorry for forgetting your name).

    You'll get:

    - Retail files from the DVD - v1.00
    - Day 1 patch from Uplay - v1.01
    - Official patch from Uplay - v1.3

    It works with the Uplay version of the game, but I don't know about Steam.
    These are official "legal" files, so they won't work on "alternative" copies of the game. --> http://speedy.sh/5583c/WD-retail-files.rar

    Don't forget to set uplay into offline mode.

    If you like this game, buy it. The guys at Ubisoft deserve it.
    The best deal I found for the uplay special edition (has the Breakthrough Pack single player mission, but is region locked to Europe only):
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  16. Saikusu

    Saikusu Guest

    Message Kadzait about it? Would help everyone here, even the ones with great computers, to make it run even better.
  17. apple890

    apple890 Guest

    Yep, it doesn't work with Steam version....
  18. Gurumbada

    Gurumbada Member

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    gtx 680 / 2G
    Note: Until your post count is 15 you will be able to send PMs to Staff only.

    Did you send massages? You mean you post or else... Anyway, 0.3 version has no PW. Just enjoy!!
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  19. Plissken

    Plissken Guest

    Congratulations for the great work, Kad.

    I merged your mod with Maldo's latest stutter fix and I'm getting great results using the ultra textures. I disabled the headlight shadows as it's still kinda buggy for me, and used Boss's DOF as it's the best for my taste. But the clouds, smoke effects, new lighting, color grading, better rain/splashes (that are now dynamic to the light sources), dynamic reflections that reflect ALL of the world now are all gorgeous graphical enhancements.

    I was able to disable the "always night" trick but I didn't know what value to change in order to get the old TOD back, it seems like you've altered the TOD so that the cycle of day is faster now (as in, the transition between morning-afternoon-dawn-night process is faster than the vanilla). I'd love to learn which value to tweak in order to get it back to the vanilla TOD.

    Keep up the good work, mate. Cheers.
  20. apple890

    apple890 Guest

    Hey dude, can you PLEASEEE upload your combined version? It'd be SUPER awesome!
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