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Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by The Kyle, May 19, 2008.

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    Hey Gurus. I'm in the process of starting my own graphic design company to pursue the small and home businesses in my town and the surrounding towns. I'm going to be using the pc in my profile along with a back-up drive as the main designing machine, but I don't want to be tied down to my house whenever I want to get some work done, so I went searching for a decently powerful machine in the ~$1,000 price range. I was checking out macbooks initially but their specs and warranty for an $1,100 machine are sub-par. I understand that OS-X is optimized far greater than XP and Vista but a 2.1ghz c2d, 1gb of ram, and a 120gb hard-drive along with crappy integrated graphics is no good when you are only given 90 days of labor. What good is a one year warranty when you have to pay for labor for the last 9 months?


    Anyway, I remembered that Asus has exceptional quality and customer service so stumbled upon this deal.


    Apart from the pretty tasty specs, it's gotten 5/5 stars from all 10 buyers who posted reviews. I also found this gem of info at the bottom of the page:

    Manufacturer Warranty:
    1 year ASUS Accidental Damage Warranty - Drops, Fire, Spill, Surge for purchase after 9/10/07
    Parts 2 years limited
    Labor 2 years limited

    That was the deal breaker right there. Not only will they handle parts and labor for a phenomenal 2 years, but I also get a free 1 year accidental damage warranty.

    Anyway, I'm curious how you gurus feel this purchase rates on the price/performance meter...but what I'm mainly wanting to know is how well you guys think this puppy should run the Adobe CS3 suite since that's what the majority of it's purpose is. I might run a few games on it just for the hell of it.
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    well i also do graphics design, i think its a good choice, has everything you shoud need and like you have said the extra warranty's really give it that little bit extra insurance incase of troubles, seems like a good deal.

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