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  1. Whoo whoo, I'm just givin a shout out to any juggalos out there who like tweakin on their machines. A juggalo is someone who lives, breathes and eats Insane Clown Posse, and I was just curious if there's any ICP fans out here in the Guru3D world. Peace out.
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    The wicked clowns will never die!!!<br>
    The Joker always LIVES!!<br>
    So am I!!
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    Well I don't really like ICP, but I gotta admit their funny like the song "I Stab people" lol they are so ****ing stupid its funny!
  4. Man ICP are not stupid. They are funny as hell though. If you actually listned to the words they're very intelligent. They use what seems to be stupidity to make their points. But you're right I Stab People is a very funny song, some of there older crap is even funnier though like Fat Sweaty Betty, or Superballs.

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    intelligent thats like saying liberachi wasn't gay
  6. Yo phuk that, if you have ever listened to ICP with an unobjectionable ear you would understand, but then again maybe its better if no one understands ICP because that keeps them underground and to keep making real music instead of the disposable, "Carson Daly approved crap on MTV" That's why I call myslef a juggalo, and anyone else down with the clown, so if you one can't understand the message ICP gives then you don't need to know what a juggalo is.

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