Issues with making Fan Curve accurate (5700XT MSI)..

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by dsr07mm, Mar 18, 2021.

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    Nvidia GTX980Ti G1 6GB
    I have this gpu for about 5 months but I played only competetive games where temps doesn't go above 69c with Junction temp maxed out at 76c. I undervolted GPU to 1000mV and 1900mhz/1800mhz on core/memory.

    Basically seeing 69c as max peak at the end of the day is somewhat satisfying for me. But now I started playing some other a bit more demanding games and my temp reach to 76c on GPU / 76c on Junction while maxing out with 65% fan speed (~1900RPM).

    I don't get it. Fan Speed aren't real % fan speed and they are not reaching numbers which I want. 60% fanspeed triggers earlier then 65c which is what I want etc. How do I do this ? No matter what I try, it seems that it keeps triggering fan speed randomly.

    Years ago when I had both Nvidia and AMD gpu's I was using Afterburner to make fan curve 100% accurate, but I see that 3rd party softwares doesn't work properly. I'm worried cause during summer room temps will be couple degrees higher.

    I updated to today beta driver, same thing. On 55c all the way up to 65c in RDR2 (for example), fans are on 60%.. despite having other fan speed for those temps in screen shot above.

    Even Junction Temp doesn't make sense if it was a target cause it's usually 2-3c + or - comparing to gpu temp. Hotspot doesn't go above 90c though.


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