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    asus rampage extreme 3
    hello guys so i am running 2 gtx580 cards asus dc II and i7 950 3.70ghz o/c(by board options) on win7 64 bit drivers 275.33 whql

    and it seems that in rift i have same fps as my friend with 1 card only have

    yes my sli working as proper , in game sli visual indecator is green and show sli work

    now i wonder what can be the issue , why i have same fps as 1 card

    does rift support fully SLI?
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    Asus Strix GTX 1080
    RIFT does support SLI.
    On 2 GTX 460's I have seen the game run up at around 80-120fps with everything maxed out and v-sync on; cards attached to a 120Hz display.
    Try an older driver revision.

    What is your fps at with a single GTX580 when you move all sliders to max?
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