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    XFX 6950 2 gig
    ok, i know there is a sticky about power supply's, but i couldnt find my answere from it.

    im currently using a antech 1200 case with 5 120mm led fans and 1 240mm led fan

    asus p67 delux mb
    2600k oc'd to 4.5 on 1.28 volts
    xfx 6950 2 gig 256 bit flashed to a 6970 and ocd from 800 core - 941 and 1250mem to 1350 mem 1.175 volts
    2 4 gig gskill rip jaws at 1.5 volts
    1 crusial m4 series ssd 64gigs
    1 intel ssd 40gigs
    1 dvd/cdrw
    and Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultima XT

    my question is im running all this on this....

    can this power supply handle this set up? or am i in trouble. (i dont have any money to upgrade)
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    If you are posting here, then I take it your system runs.

    If you're not having stability issues in games, just enjoy it and don't worry about it.

    If you are having stability issues, then it's an option.

    Do you use a UPS? They usually have a readout on the front that tells you your power draw.
    Look at what it says, multiply it by 0.80, and see how close that is to 650w.
    If it's nowhere close, then sleep easy.

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    Radeon HD 5650m (550/800)
    It can handle them just fine, especially with no HDDs and you're using an AMD card.
    Just don't SLI with it.

    As a comparison, I use a 500W SilverStone Strider Plus for an i5-2500K @4.3GHz, 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance @824MHz, GTX560 Ti TwinFrozr II @880/2004, an OCZ Vertex 2, a 500GB SATA-II Seagate HDD, 4x120mm case fans, 1x140mm case fan, and 1x120mm CPU fan.
    Still using it to fold 24/7 with both SMP & GPU clients, meaning both CPU & GPU are loaded at all times.
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