Is "Super Virtual Resolution" working on DX11?

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    I have a RX480, yesterday I tried to enable SVR, but it didn't work on DX11 games, like Arkham Knight or MKXL, it did work on Vulkan games, like Doom. Does anyone know what's happening?
    I'm using 17.1.1 Crimson Drivers.
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    I think that's a known issue with VSR and some of the newest Crimson drivers, should be fixed in the latest ones though or at least AMD listed it as fixed at least.

    EDIT: Or so I thought but I can't find any mention about it in the release notes instead the only thing that did come up was that 17.5.x possibly broke it again with 17.5.2 having this listed as a known issue.

    You do need to use fullscreen mode for the scaling to work properly though, or just set the downsampling resolution for the desktop and that should make it usable for windowed or borderless mode as well although downsampling the desktop can make it a bit hard to use so I prefer to hotkey this via bit cumbersome but not too much trouble. :)

    DPI scaling might interfere as well, keeping it at 100% for the OS tends to work better or you can disable it per game via the compatibility options, Win10 Creator / RS2 / 1703 and whatever else to call it has a couple of additional tweaks for this too.
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