is NVCP Image Sharpening bugged?

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    I think the last driver I had it working (using the Optimus workaround by setting the flag to 0x00000011) was 456.71, I haven't been able to use the feature at all ever since.

    I know there were some concerns regarding cheating, although I have no idea how a sharpening feature at the driver level could open such possibilities, but oh well, cheaters are a crafty bunch, and in this instance, ruin things for the rest of us.

    Taking the opportunity to ask, are NVCP Image Sharpening and FXAA enforceable on DX12/Vulkan?

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    Still works fine for me in the latest, I've had no issues.
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    I use the optimus work around but set it to 0x00000001 (SHIM_RENDERING _MODE_ENABLE). Tested with various games and working fine.

    Try my setting and see if it helps.

    Fyi : I activate it via game profile for individual games.
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    You can use NVidia Profile Inspector to check if the profile for the game prevents FXAA from working. Some profiles are shipped with a hidden flag that ignores your choice in the nvidia profile. Not sure what the flag name was, something like "AllowFXAAUsage" or similar. If that flag doesn't allow FXAA, then you can still enable FXAA in the nvidia panel, but it does nothing in that game.

    Not sure if this is also done for sharpening, but for FXAA it is true. It's also true for some other settings as well. There's a hidden flag for example for preventing your anisotropic filtering setting from working. I believe that one is set in the Doom (2016) profile, for example.
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    I don't have any games that use either of those renderers aside from Dota 2 but it works fine with VLK.
    Sharpening, specifically control panel one, does have a few issues though:
    - sharpening effect is not visible on screenshots taken with GFE in DX9 games
    - sharpening quality varies massively between different renderers: (comparison pics between nvcpl, freestyle and DX9/11/VLK)
    Again, this is only applies to control panel sharpening, Freestyle doesn't have issues with screenshot visibility or quality difference.

    Oh and do you enable sharpening in the game profile or globally? Enabling sharpening in the game profile (not global) should force sharpening in pretty much all games.

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