Is my processor bottlenecking my surround system?

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by Funkengreuven, Sep 20, 2016.

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    3 x EVGA 980ti ACX+ 2.0
    So...I have a 3930K OC'd with (3) 980ti cards. I recently replaced my 3 980TIs with 2 TITAN X (Pascal) cards and I saw no improvement in framerates on games I play all the time. I saw no difference though i thought I should. I have 16GB of Mushkin 2133 RAM as well. I've logged processor utilization during gameplay on several games and none of the threads exceed 60% and usually it's lower than that. I know the Titan X Pascal is supposed to be fast, but the fact that I saw almost identical frame rates on different games makes me think I'm bottlenecked somewhere. I run a surround setup with 5892x1080 resolution and have spent tons over the years trying to get good framerates at my resolution. Only with the 980TIs did we finally get enough horsepower to run surround with high settings, but not in all games. Many still suffer from lack of power. So, I'm just wondering if any of the gurus on here can help me answer a few questions: 1) could I be bottlenecking & don't know it? 2) Would a broadwell/x99 upgrade give me more head room or provide any noticeable difference in gaming? Obviously, I have more money than sense, so I'm not interested in hearing the "value proposition". I've been on a quest for ultra settings at surround resolutions for over 5 years and don't mind spending the money (it's a hobby after all), but like anyone else, I try not to spend what i don't need to. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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