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Discussion in 'Benchmark Mayhem' started by Zenoth, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Is it to be expected to loose performance when going from Windows XP to Windows Vista? I mean whatever system one has, is Vista still after 1+ year and a service pack just inherently slower than XP for gaming?

    I'm asking this because I just got Vista 64-Bit running since about a day, after using XP since at least 2003 if not before that, and, well... the very first thing I noticed right away without running any benchmarks was the reduced performance in pretty much all of my games, even OpenGL ones.

    So out of curiosity I ran two 3DMark06 tests, and kept the result from the second run, and then compared it to my last XP run on which I was using the exact same settings and same hardware's frequencies (over-clocked in both cases, as I said, at the same speed, the only thing that changed is the operating system, that's it).

    With my system shown below my avatar to the left, on Windows XP Home SP3 32-Bit I scored the following:

    3DMark Score 12472 3DMarks
    SM 2.0 Score 5385
    SM 3.0 Score 5382
    CPU Score 3525
    1 - Return to Proxycon 44.41 FPS
    2 - Firefly Forest 45.34 FPS
    CPU1 - Red Valley 1.11 FPS
    CPU2 - Red Valley 1.78 FPS
    1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 49.24 FPS
    2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 58.4 FPS

    And then with Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-Bit it scored:

    3DMark Score 11865 3DMarks
    SM 2.0 Score 5119
    SM 3.0 Score 5096
    CPU Score 3387
    1 - Return to Proxycon 43.15 FPS
    2 - Firefly Forest 42.17 FPS
    CPU1 - Red Valley 1.07 FPS
    CPU2 - Red Valley 1.71 FPS
    1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 46.93 FPS
    2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 54.98 FPS

    I know some people, including myself, would say that 3DMark06 is not good enough of a test even to "generalize" on gaming performance. But keep in mind that I did noticed a performance drop in all the games I've installed so far, and in terms of nFPS, for instance, in Source-based games (the ones I tested, namely H-L 2 E1, H-L 2 E2, TF2 and Lost Coast) the performance decrease is counted in an average of 12FPS, and I lost a good 15FPS in Lost Coast alone.

    Now, I am not saying that all of a sudden my games are unplayable, but I'm just wondering why a so called "more advanced" operating system just can't at least perform just as fast as its 6+ years-old predecessor. Is it also the case for Vista 32-Bit? Or is this situation experienced by every single persons out there using both 32-Bit and 64-Bit Vista when comparing to what they clearly remember of XP? Or am I just the only one here having performance drops?

    I'll keep using Vista I mean, it's a nice OS and all that but... ya know.
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    It's been a general consensus that Vista (though improved drivers have helped) is a tad slower.
    I think your case of 12-15 fps is a little extreme though. You should try different drivers to see if that helps.
    I only notice a 2-5 fps drop in Vista64 if at all.
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    Every person I know has had reduced gaming performance when switching from XP to Vista.
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    I had a slight drop in benchies (around 300 in 06 after SP1 installed), but that said, no noticable gaming drops.

    Vista is a little slower in games, but the difference really is negligable now....I mean newer games, the diff is maybe a couple of fps....older games maybe more, but when your talking about gettin over 80fps anyway (in Vista), it dont matter...

    And lets not forget, XP was no real speed demon until SP2...we have only had SP1 o Vista for a few months :D

    What driver you using btw?

  5. Zenoth

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    It's alright mind you guys, I mean yes the performance has dropped but I can definitely get over it, the thing is my 8800GTS isn't a performance monster in newer games and I refuse to play at low settings for a card I paid $450 for back then, so because I play with everything cranked up (except for the resolution) and because the GTS is now old (yes, it is, no one should say otherwise) then I do notice the performance drop perhaps more than those with G92's or GeForce 9's or GX2's or GT200's.

    I'm currently using ForceWare 177.83 WHQL, and I installed the latest version of the Performance & Reliability pack for Service Pack 1. The only games that seem so far to be the most affected by the performance drops are all of my Source-based games (especially Team Fortress 2, but it also depends on the maps and how many players are on the server, but generally speaking it is lower since I usually play with the FPS counter shown on-screen via a console command while testing for performance, I know it's just lower overall whatever happens on-screen). Also Company of Heroes had a noticeable drop under DX9 effects... let's not even talk about DX10, it refuses to go above 25 or 30FPS at 1024 x 768 with only the textures set a Ultra, the rest being High and Shadows at Medium.

    I think it'll take time for me to adapt that new gaming performance until a new GPU compensates for the loss and goes above anything I could get with my current one, but that won't be until sometime very late this year or maybe next year. At least I've got my 4GB of memory and my over-clocks are stable, that's what counts for me. And generally speaking I do prefer Vista so far, the feel of the OS is good, although at first the "structure", the placement of certain options and having to adapt to the interface is a little intimidating, but in the end you (well I, at least) end up realizing that Vista's interface is technically more user-friendly than XP. But anyways... that's not about gaming performance I'm deviating from my own main subject sorry.

    As far as the Vista updates are concerned, in chronological order what I did after installing Vista itself was to immediately install Service Pack 1. Then after that (and oh boy it took a long time to install believe me) I went to and downloaded all of the shown updates for Vista. And then, finally, I downloaded the update I mentioned earlier, the Performance & Reliability pack (because it wasn't downloaded from the automatic Vista updates, I had to get it separately). So right now in my Programs window (the equivalent of Add/Remove Programs like in XP) I see exactly 29 installed updates which includes SP1 of course.

    Are there any other separate updates I should get that I am not aware of?
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    My crysis and sourced based games had an improvement in fps, and I only dropped a few hundred on Mark06 (with 3870 crossfire). In my expirience Vista is better.

    Op, did you install the chipset for your mobo?
  7. snip3r_3

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    I don't think theres such a huge decrease in performance. In Company of Heroes (OF), even my older 7900 could survive at 1440x800 with everything set at high, effects density was even on ultra. You have more cpu power than me, so you should have gotten much more FPS at 1024x768 then 25~30.

    I recommend you disable indexing, and before you run games, check to see if something is eating your CPU power. I often find TrustedInstaller.exe in the background, taking up to 50% of the CPU for some amount of time. This process is annoying as it keeps coming back even if I end it.

    - Disable Indexing (Windows Search i think), Automatic Updates (BITS, i think, I update when I have spare time to let my computer do whatever it wants), and other startup programs that you don't need (Adobe programs, office, nero, unrequired apps)

    - You should try another set of drivers or reinstall them using driver cleaner, your FPS shouldn't be affected that much. Benches before SP1 came out showed little difference between the two OS as well. You should also install the intel INF drivers and latest sound drivers.

    - Make sure you are not applying too much or unrequired AA/AF in the control panel? I sometimes accidentally leave AA/AF in the NV control panel while playing Source games with in-game enabled AA/AF. That seems to crap out FPS too.

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