Is it possible for the NSA to Spy through the Xbox Kinect ?

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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  2. Tat3

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    Nope as I dont have one. :)

    I read few days ago that MS was talking with NSA about this spying stuff so they could tell people what actually is possible to do. Stuff like direct access to email and so which I think MS said that NSA did not have. Would be nice to clear things up.
  3. Chillin

    Chillin Guest

    Here's the answer: Who gives a f!ck?

    It's tons easier to spy on you through your friggin cell phone. There is almost not a single thing that the government can do through Kinect that it can't to better through a cell phone, and legally.
  4. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Can NSA do it ? Well, any police have the right to hack a webcam if a judge accept it. so yes should be possible. Do they do it ? i dont think so...

  5. SpajdrEX

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    Yes, it's possible. So no masturbating guys at front of kinect!
  6. Pill Monster

    Pill Monster Guest

    Hilbert you sound a bit worried...:p

    Funny, all these years I never pictured you as a console gamer.....I mean you do all the game reviews for PC so yeah....
  7. War child

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    Personally I don't care. If they want to spy on me through kinnect while in my Mankini, let them.

    Nothing to hide here. /hides explosives
  8. Chillin

    Chillin Guest

    Are you kidding me? If they're watching me through the Kinect, they damn well better suffer through that.
  9. harkinsteven

    harkinsteven Guest

    No they do not, police have as much power as WE grant them. Understand that they are meant to protect you, not serve corporate policy as they do now. NOBODY has the "right" to spy on you. If they spy on you they are collecting evidence AGAINST you, to use to enforce statute rules on you. Do not accept them spying on you to "protect and keep you safe" That is complete bull****. They only protect the state now.
  10. Neo Cyrus

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    I would be shocked if the Xbone isn't used for government spying.

  11. kosh_neranek

    kosh_neranek Guest

    The question is.Is it possible to be safe while being online and using a cell?The simple answer is: NO. Democracy is an illusion. You have the freedom once the big brother can listen and read whatever you say or write. Snowden didn't say anything that should be news to us - computer aficionados. The only thing he changed is that now even uninformed people know that our lives are being spied on..
  12. H83

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    Oh ****, this just made my day! I loled so hard with this one!!!
  13. vbetts

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    Don't watch porn on your xbox then.
  14. StewieTech

    StewieTech Guest

    It could be used to spy, i wouldn´t be surprise, and no way i´m going to let that piece of crap enter my house.
  15. VolkNasty

    VolkNasty Guest

    I believe its one of our GOD given rights... I think it was on the third tablet that Moses accidentally dropped on his way down from Mt. Sinai.

  16. Chillin

    Chillin Guest

    You do realize that your cell phone is used to spy on you a 1000x more effectively.

    Exactly who is the target audience for spying through the Kinect2? I don't recall Bin Laden having an Xbox Live account (or any internet for that matter, it's what gave him away ironically). ****ing nerd fantasies that the government wants to spy on them playing Gears of War 263 or crying through Titanic (you know you did).
  17. Brasky

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    don't breathe then.
  18. StewieTech

    StewieTech Guest

    The difference is that i´m willing to take a risk with a cellphone, not with the xbox one. Nowadays you can´t have total privacy but you can put aside what isn´t necessary or convenient. Plus, if they try to spy on me, the freaking kinect presents more monitoring capabilities than a cellphone.
  19. Ghosty

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    This is very true. But the question is, why would they even bother? It's not like a government agency is going to start tapping your phone, or using the Kinect to spy on you, unless you gave them reason to do so in the first place.
  20. ibitato

    ibitato Guest

    talking about spies ........

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