iOS 14.x and wifi privacy mode

Discussion in 'Tablets and Smart Phones' started by tsunami231, Dec 2, 2020.

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    has anyone had issue were there have there Router setup to accept only a "lallow only" mac address

    And where the iphone/ipad randomly turn on the stupid privacy mode? I turned off on my ipad/iphone and since 14.0 got pushed to it cause it kept me from connected and it has since stayed off, but my dads iPhone/iPad pro is Random re enabling the privacy mode on Known connections.

    I just "forgot" all the network connection on both his devices turn off privacy for both 2ghz/5ghz on the iphone/ipad pro and connected to the network, restarted the his iPhone/iPad pro and soon as his ipad was up it tried to connect and failed and both the 2ghz/5ghz had privacy mode renabled, and what funnier is after intial fail if i try to connect it connects, without going into setting to check if privacy mode is enabled his iPhone seem fine thought

    Anyone else have issue with privacy mode on ipad/iphone be glitch turning it self back on?

    or is just me? cause I dont want to turn off the mac address "allow only" as always used "allow only" on mac address list on all my routers

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