Interesting Info Regarding Nvidia GPUs And Large Scale HDMI 2.1 Issues

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  1. Apparently some kindly and capable Japanese man has been fiddling with getting better audio compatibility between Nvidia GPUs and Sony TVs and found an inherent flaw in the way Nvidia's and other companies HDMI 2.1 chips were shipped.


    TLDR: HDMI 2.1 has an inherent flaw regarding signal strength on 3000 and 4000 series GPUs and on many other devices from other manufacturers. The guy claims that in order to clean up the signal transmission and fix the litany of HDMI 2.1 issues across the board, that Nvidia and any other manufacturers affected need to produce a firmware to flash their HDMI 2.1 chips in a similar way to Nvidia's display port firmware patch for older GPUs this year.

    Also, the blame here is not completely on Nvidia or other manufacturers as it seems the entirety of HDMI 2.1 was shipped in a hurried and mismanaged mess with undefined standards mainly due to the HDMI Licensing Administration's complete incompetence and lack of care in coming up with an actual standard.

    Pretty interesting stuff. Sadly, if I had to speculate, very little will probably come of this in terms of firmware fixes. But fingers crossed that the 4000 Super and 5000 series remedy this on Nvidia's end at least.
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    Please don't repost things you see on other forums if you don't actually comprehend whats being said in them.
  3. Please, do elaborate and I'll gladly edit my post and give you credit for any corrections.

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