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    Hello, i wanted to share my finding with those who own an Nvidia GPU. Ive done some testing and it appears Nvidias latest drivers cause some of the highest DPC latency spikes i have ever seen, even on idle, i also want to clarify that when comparing the new driver to the older (353.62 driver) i am only trying to show how Nvidia needs to work out some of the bugs causing hitching and stuttering in games. I am using Windows 10 pro 64-bit (specs are under my name) i have some comparison screenshots of the Tests i performed.

    Tested with DPC Latency Checker V1.4.0
    IDLE Test:

    Load Test:

    As you can see in the comparison the new Nvidia drivers cause some pretty insane latency spikes, that cause speaker pop or crackling in game and it even affects the framerate with what we call "microstutter". What is odd is that the older driver 353.62 didnt have a single latency spike above 1000Us whatsoever and games were as smooth as we should expect. but its a different story when testing on Nvidia latest driver. the highest spike i seen was 4329us causing severe frame hitching in all games i have tested.

    Games tested in order: Shadow of Mordor benchmark, Tomb Raider benchmark, Hitman Absolution benchmark. Unigine Valley 1.0

    The purpose of my testing was not to measure framerates, but the frame-times and DPC latency. But as you can see Nvidia has a lot of work to do. For the time being those of you who experience high latency or frame hitching should use the older 353.62 drivers, even though the drivers were months old i still had no issues running some of the newer game titles such as Mad Max or MGS: The Phantom Pain.
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    Please don't use DPC Latency Checker on Windows versions later than 7 - it's been said by the developer and other users numerous times measured values are incorrect.

    LatencyMon on the other hand is more than suitable for later OS.
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    ^ Correcto mundo.
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    I'm not sure about the inaccuracy of dpc latency. If inaccurate it would show mostly the exact results when he's testing different drivers. Also I test latency mon and compare and they remain closely consistent.

    You're right about the findings because I noticed it also.

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    I have the same latency with 358.50 as you have with 353.62 driver. I run my cpu at 800 will be higher. For me only the power saving feature causing the higher latency. Since 3.7 against 800 mhz, i would say it is all fine for me.
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    latency time in nvidia drivers have been the same for years providing everything is working correct.

    in game nvidia driver latency is 200-500us is the normal range if you getting high spikes like 1000us + you have other issues

    and use

    it is accurate compared to DPC Latency Checker V1.4.0 which isnt even updated for newer OSes

    Power saving functions cause spikes being CPU features or GPU features.
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