Intel Shows Xe-HPG DG2 512EU based GPU

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 2, 2021.

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  1. sozuoka

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    I really wish this will be competitive, with how disastrous the GPU market is nowadays, we can always welcome a 3rd player into the game.
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  2. Silva

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    The problem was AMD not being able to compete, and for the most part it was OK: you had high price high performance GPUs, and low price mid performance ones.
    Now that AMD is competitive again, you have a supply/demand issue, and this one is the one that will hurt us all the most!
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  3. D1stRU3T0R

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    And it still seems to be misunderstood. As I mentioned, the problem isn't what you think it is, a good example for this is Lisa Su, but I'm talking about GAME OPTIMISING team. Do you see a woman being a board member in a coal mining? Not really, because things are different. Now I can't come up with a good example, but you don't see man trying out tampoons for womans (do you?). I don't say that she DOESN'T have the necessarily skill to do that, it is just interesting to see that she has the knowledge about Games/engines/API-s etc. As I said, she looks more like a business kinda worker. Gabe Newel is a developer, not a business man, and I could say on to many places in this field. (Carly Fiorina's controversial record as CEO, explained - Vox case)

    And I repeat, don't get me wrong. My girlfriend is feminists and we love joking about these things, but this went just too far for simping and reading just what seems insulting, not what the message is. If she is the Manager of these fields, including game optimising teams manager, then hell yea, nothing unusual, but beng a LEADER giving instructions about how to optimise/what to do? Imagine you put Gabe Newel to make marketing for valve, instead of being CEO, noone is saying that he can't, but it's just interesting... I'm thinking about any other SOFTWARE related company that is in the same situation and for now I just can't come up with any. I don't want to strech this further, if you understand what I'm saying (it's late, so sorry for this bad writing) then good, if not, just let it die.
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  4. Sith

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    Well it doesnt matter if you are this or that, if someone can cut it and deserve let them be hired as engineers, technicians, consultants, etc...
    If people can't cut, then they got the free market to look for another job elsewhere.
    Compeitition and freedom are one on one necessary for the computer market to thrive with investements, hiring competent people, and as less regulation as possible to impede small competitors from growing and competing.
    The invisible hand of freedom will take care of who invests there, or where people work in the industry period.
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  5. Luc

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    Eric Cartman would love you :p
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  6. alanm

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    I hope Intel really comes out swinging in this. They are bigger than Nvidia and generate 4x more income. If their cards are up to snuff, they need to go in big time in sponsoring game development. They have a blank slate in this area at this point, but they have the resources and clout to do something about it and its about time. Just hope they dont blow it by optimizing things for hash rates.
  7. Noisiv

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  8. Aura89

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    The problem is the way you put it, plain and simple: "why would they put a woman as the software team's leader"

    Not: Why would they put this specific person as the software team's leader

    Instead: "why would they put a woman as the software team's leader"

    If you do not understand the difference, not much i can do there for ya.

    And reading the rest of what you said makes it that much more obvious that you know what you said and you meant it that way. There's no reason a WOMAN could not successfully lead that team, nor is there any reason a WOMAN could not be a board member for a coal factory. The fact you brought tampons into this is just...amazing.

    You know who is CEO of tampax? Edward Brooks (male)

    How about kotex? Michael Hsu (male)

    And Platex? Joel Smilow (male)

    Do these companies need/deserve female CEOs because they are female products? No. Could they? Absolutely. Because the best person for the job is who should have said job, not based anywhere even remotely on their sex.

    A job is a job, and the fact that you want to try and apply gender rules to who should or should not be in said job, is astounding.
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  9. WhiteLightning

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    From Intel GPU to female CEO's.

    .syntax error!
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