Intel Preps for 4K with Intel Iris Graphics 6100

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Feb 26, 2015.

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    The reason Intel does not go after the high end market is because the real money is in the low end market. Even AMD and Nvidia make more money in the low end over the high end. (GPU $under 140 US)

    Everything follows a pattern, you and i can not control it... Once you see the pattern do you jump on board or do you swim against the current.

    First off i am not saying the desktop is dead (or will die any time soon) but right now it is being moved over to on line sales. Yes most of us use NCIX, Newegg or other suppliers to buy anything desktop but the largest group of pc user buy from a big box store and right now it is hard to find desktops in stores (two years ago local Walmarts sold desktops but now none of the ones close to me do). Less profit in desktop but more profit in notebooks (we do live in a capitalist world).

    So i do not see Intel ever going after the high end GPU market (heck even the high end CPU market is moving a lot slower than it did 10 years ago) Nvidia, AMD Intel are working so hard to get a foothold in the mobile market, because they believe the future is not a big large box but a small, mobile device. We might not like it but it seems to be how things are going right now.

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