Intel or AMD?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mr_pepsi, Dec 24, 2018.

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    Since I didn't want to double post this in both AMD and Intel forums, figured might be better to post it here.

    I've had pretty much been an Intel person, but with a now somewhat older article, don't remember the exact details of it, but something about Intel possibly slowing down some production, which means higher prices I think it was, and the way that the Ryzen chips have been doing in terms of performance and of course price.

    Is AMD a better option to turn to, if it's price then ya it would be, but more about the performance aspect of it?

    My system currently (possibly looking toward a new build, maybe soon)
    Asus P9X79 MB
    Intel i7 3820
    G.Skill 16GB DDR3-2400
    EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SC

    Items that are run of this system are currently, games such as ARK: Survival Evolved, DOOM, Battlefield 1, 3-5, Rise & Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2. As for programs well other than the usual browsers, that would be Unreal's Dev Kit (just recently started to get into that), might get back into AutoDesk's 3DSMax, and the usual benchmark programs from time to time
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    For games Intel CPUs provide the best performance(FPS). AMD's Ryzen is reasonably close in performance and considerably less expensive.

    If you have the money to spend and want the absolute highest FPS buy an Intel CPU. If you're ok with having potentially slightly lower FPS and dont want to spend alot then get Ryzen. That said Ryzen 3 should be out next year if you're willing to wait and has the potential to match and MAYBE even exceed current Intel CPUs if leaks and rumors are to be believed.
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    AMD ryzen series is quite good in terms of multi core performance. Choosing between Intel and AMD is totally depend on your preference. If you want to do task which uses single or dual core like gaming then intel is best but if your preference is to do multi core task like video editing and rendering than AMD cpu are good choice.
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    Depends on what you resolution is as well:

    1080p or lower, intel will provide you, potentially, not guaranteed, better performance (if you go with the top frequency processor rather then the most cores you can get for your money)

    1440p and higher, there will be virtually no difference, with the exception of a few titles, and it's better to go with AMD as for the same amount of money you'll get a faster, overall, CPU.

    But like others stated, Zen2/Ryzen 3000 series is just around the corner, and is likely to close the gap between intel and AMD in gaming. If rumors are to be true, and if benchmarks show the IPC claim, there really won't be a reason to go Intel.

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    Zen 2 is around the corner and might finally turn the table for single core performance. Now is the worst timing to buy a new CPU.

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