Intel NUC7i7BNH Heat problem :-/

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    Hey guys I think I have a problem with my new NUC7i7BNH, and I hope that you can clarify some things.

    I have installed a Samsung 960 EVO and 16GB - 2133Mhz - Kingston HyperX ram in the NUC

    The problem is that when it installs programs etc. or if I execute a stress test via RealTemp, the CPU rises to about 93 degrees celsius.
    Is this normal for this kind of cpu?

    I know it is in a small cabinet, and that isn't ideal when it comes to heat. But when I compare this NUC to another I had (NUC6i5SYH) the fan in the new one is by far louder than the other one.

    I have checked the cooling paste and it is all good and is put in the right spot :)

    I'm thinking about unchecking the turbo setting in the BIOS, to see if that has some effect. I think it reaches 4.0ghz with that setting turned on.
    But then again that just doesn't seem right to buy a product and then being forced to turn some fatures off, so that I will work properly again :)

    Hope someone can help me understand if this is normal with this generation of cpu :) :3eyes:

    Link for the NUC I just bought:
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