Intel Makes Wireless AC 9560 A Bit More Embedded

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 24, 2017.

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    I'm not sure how I feel about this. Seems both great and not-so-great at the same time. It seems great because as long as they don't charge too much extra for this, it will make some platforms overall smaller and cheaper to manufacture. As long as proper drivers exist, it also guarantees a consistent experience (seriously, if anybody has dealt with setting up their own embedded system, wifi drivers can be a headache). I am a bit wary of this though: Intel's SoCs have been notoriously difficult to work with, especially Bay Trail. And yet Intel wonders why their embedded devices aren't successful...

    I'm also wary because if anybody has ever felt a wifi chip, it gets pretty warm, especially under frequent operation. SoCs are already limited by heat and this is just contributing toward more. As another concern, wifi (at least in my experience) doesn't tend to last forever, which is likely correlated to the heat problem. Lifespan has improved a lot over the years, but it seems to have the shortest lifespan of any "solid state" PC technology, except for batteries and maybe LCD inverters.

    Not that this affects my opinion of the product, but I don't understand is how Intel deemed this as being a cheaper option (keep in mind, they're mostly interested in what's cheaper for themselves, not so much the consumer). Wifi chipsets tends to operate at higher voltages than CPUs, but if it's part of the SoC then it's going to be stuck with whatever voltage the CPU is supplied. I'm assuming there must be an external amplifier, which as a result doesn't really simplify the motherboard design a whole lot, and results could vary a lot depending on the platform.

    Ultimately what this really comes down to is who they're targeting. Intel pretty much dropped out of the phone market, which something like this would've been the most ideal for. If they want this to be more successful than Bay Trail, they need to help make this more accessible to platforms other than Windows. I think this product has potential but Intel always seems to screw up at least one really big thing when it comes to embedded devices. They could easily dominate the market but they don't understand their audience. Perhaps now they finally do?
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    Ugh, embedded wifi. No thanks, Intel, I like to upgrade my computers.
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    It is nice to see Intel trying to take over another market by forcing their wifi on people. I mean, personally, I prefer Intel based wifi adapters but this is taking things a bit too far. I prefer to be able to replace wifi adapters if/when they fail instead of having to replace processor and motherboard due to wifi failure.

    You'll still be able to upgrade your computer. You'll just be stuck with whatever wifi spec Intel chooses.
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