Intel I7 4770K Overclock Limit

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    I'm trying to overclock an I7 4770K mounted on an MSI Z87-G41 motherboard with 2X4GB DDR3 1886. (Latest Bios, Water Cooling)

    To find the maximum CPU frequency I set the RAM to 1600 with 1.5v, and I set the ring ratio to 30 (3.000 Mhz) with VCCIN 1.9v, I also disabled LLC EIST and C-state.

    By doing stability tests with LinX, the CPU Ratio at 45 does not hold up (crash) even with 1.4v of vcore. The voltages are set in override mode.

    At the moment, I'm finding stability only with a CPU ratio of 42 (and I'm trying to find a lower voltage, such as 1.32v).

    From what I read on these CPUs and on the results achieved (or in terms of maximum frequency, or in any case of lower frequencies but with decidedly lower voltages) I believe that in my case there is something wrong.

    Can you tell me if it's a normal situation?

    Also, how can I act to try to achieve stability at higher frequencies or, if I have to stop at a frequency of 4200, at least with a lower voltage?

    I enclose some screenshots of the bios of how I set in this multiple (very bad) result:


    upload image


    upload image


    upload image
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    You can summon @-Tj- here. If someone knows about overclocking haswell its him.
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    HI, you can try few things

    Keep load line calibration enabled, @ level 6-7, ideal is 85% (or lvl7 by asus, gigabyte has it the other way around lvl1 max, lvl5? lowest) if you have it in %.

    Also 1.9vccin is overkill unless you go over 1.4v vcore. Ideal is 1.8 - 1.85v and cpu will get hot over 1.3V normal vcore.
    -*Also set SVID = auto, to manual or off.

    and linx is well, is too much imo, not your typical load. What about Asus real bench?
    Although I'm curious how you managed to run linx @ 1.4v without hitting 100C.

    -Cpu SA voltage offset, I see it's using 0.848v by default, try 50-100mv+ offset.

    -XMP= enabled and you can test 1866mhz np, 2133mhz+ is more difficult. XMP on also, because at off it uses too loose or just wrong adv trained timings.

    -SVID communication =off, off so it doesn't spike it's voltage by avx, this is connected to SVID voltage input above that's now also set to off.

    btw you can keep EIST, C-states enabled, or at auto.

    Also what is your default cpuv by stock 3.9Ghz boost? If it's ~ 0.96- 1.0v then you can do 4.5Ghz @ 1.2v np,

    Mine is 0.92v and I can run 4.7GHz @ 1.290v, SVID 1.80v, cache 4.1Ghz @ 1.145v, XMP 2400mhz CL10.
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