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    ATI 6850m /Intel HD3000
    Hi All,

    I have found myself unable to sort out a very niche issue (as it seems).

    Currently my Intel HD 3000 can display 60Hz and 120Hz on my laptop screen. I believe it is wired via DP/LVDS magic.

    However I can only obtain 120Hz on Intel if I disable and reenable the card via Device Manager. This will make the 120Hz option show up in the Intel manager.

    Is there any registry that is in charge of locking the Hz down?

    I assume that if 120Hz can be done than it would mean that 96Hz could be done too? I have tried Intels custom resolution solution without luck.

    On the AMD card I have no issues btw.

    Maybe some fellow guru knows what is going on.


    If this is a DTD issue; what would be the correct way to proceed?
    Original drivers have Total DTD set to 0.
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