Intel Expands on Xe Product positioning - Shows DG1 Development card photos and Xe Slides

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jan 9, 2020.

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    this DG1 card will not reach retail, its for a limited developer distribution to learn the intricacies of intels driver and capabilities.
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    What if all those slow as ╬Žuck Dell PCs at the offices get a cheap 1050. It would be an extremely good upgrade along with a cheap and decent 4 cores CPUs. Eventually even the latest employee will have a fast and cheap PC to work with. It's about time even Dells to get 4 cores, 8GB RAM and a 1050. At our offices some guys have 2 Cores CPUs, 2GB RAM and Intel integrated GPU. They often stuck even on Excel. I bet Intel is not designing one GPU just for one purpose.

    About Raja, the guy is a sham. Nowadays whomever fails miserably is a visionary.
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    I clearly see entire range from Ultra Mobile to Exascale. And let's be honest, games in image above sell following:
    Ultra Mobile, PC Mobile, Gaming PC's themselves, Cloud GFX, And often HPC.

    And let's be blunt. How do you impress people? With some time result from GPUPI? No, you throw some gaming performance and wattage.
    Like: Hey, I can play This wonderful game maxed out at 1080p@60fps+ while GPU eats only 15W. (Because that puts you into 13'' ultrabook gaming category. And a lot of people see value in that.)
    Knowing intel and their marketing, there is chance that it will end up as "Collector's Edition" with appropriate price tag.
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    What's been shown are not final products. The "card" that was shown is strictly for developers. With the laptop, Intel was simply showing that they actually have a functioning "DG1" at this point. The engineering sample used for the laptop, is Xe-LP.....which is mostly a mobile oriented variant.

    Being that they were testing what amounts to an engineering sample, I'd be concerned if they were impressed with it's performance.... I'm impressed that Intel actually showed off a working product at this point, considering Larrabee..... (yes, I will continue to bring up Larrabee until Intel launches a finished product in the consumer market, since a functioning Larrabee was demonstrated publicly and never launched). They did test on Xe-LP anyway.....

    Raja Koduri was involved in Vega and Navi.....neither of which are exactly failures. He inherited GCN development from his predecessor and, all things considered, did a remarkable job even keeping AMD alive in the graphics market.
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    You're joking right?
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    Sure am but still equipping a graphics card with a lot of connectors doesnt really make it more powerful.

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