Intel Debuts Visual Identifier for Project Athena

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    Today, Intel announced that laptops verified through its innovation program, code-named “Project Athena,” will feature the visual identifier “Engineered for Mobile Perfor...

    Intel Debuts Visual Identifier for Project Athena
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    Research suggests that consumers often rely on visual signals and retail displays to inform their buying decisions.

    How It Works: In this first year of the program, the “Engineered for Mobile Performance” identifier indicates that the laptop has been co-engineered with Intel to meet the foundational KEIs of the program.

    KEI - key experience indicators

    KEI targets across six innovation vectors: instant action, performance and responsiveness, intelligence, battery life, connectivity and form factor.
    - - - -

    Since when is instantly waking up from sleep called innovation? Are we in 1993?
    performance and responsiveness - Quick boost? like since 2001?
    intelligence - Wonder what falls under this criteria. Cortana always listens?
    battery life - Was it ever anything else than no-brainer?
    connectivity - So, all of them will have 4G/LTE? And $250 extra on price while stand-alone USB modem costs fraction of that. Or is it NFC, Thunderbolt, ...
    form factor - I almost forgot that nobody till now thought about portability of laptop...

    I really wonder about actual details of given criteria, because it looks like just another sticker on the chassis for purpose to "get specific sales".
    And maybe way to sandbag against AMD which will not get sticker even if it provides same functionality since it is provided by intel :D

    1. Instant Action: Modern Connected Standby and Lucid Sleep* features implement fast wake with a simple lid-lift, push of a button or quick fingerprint recognition.
    2. Performance and Responsiveness: Systems based on Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors with Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology, ≥8GB DRAM dual channel mde and ≥265GB NVMe SSD including Intel® Optane™ memory H10 options.
    3. Intelligence: Including features such as far-field voice services and support for OpenVINO™ and WinML*. Upcoming designs based on 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors bring broad scale intelligent performance to the laptop with Intel® Deep Learning Boost for approx. 2.5X AI performance6.
    4. Battery Life: Including fast-charging capabilities over USB Type C, integration and optimization of low-power components and co-engineering support for power efficiency.
    5. Connectivity: A fast and persistent connection with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and optional Gigabit LTE. Connect to billions of USB Type C devices with Thunderbolt 3, the fastest7 and most versatile port available.
    6. Form Factor: Touch display, precision touchpads and more in sleek, thin-and-light and 2 in 1 designs with narrow bezels for a more immersive experience.
    ad 1) notice "Or" in requirements. Means it is enough to have just one of them working (lid wakes up any laptop)
    ad 2) Almost anything matches this except for their typo which means laptop has to have 480GB SSD or larger.
    ad 3) For most, intrusive. For few helpful.
    ad 4) So it is about USB-C Power Delivery Standard? Or just Quick Charge 3.0? Anyway it is mere port requirements since all others are present everywhere.
    ad 5) LTE is optional, Thunderbolt 3 sandbaging even while they made it recently free to use.
    ad 6) Nothing is more immersive than having fingerprints on display. At least they push for "narrow bezels" whatever anyone imagines under that.
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    Fellow guru, don't pick apart PR talk. We all know it's rubbish, a waste of your time, it's pep talk to get people interested like you said yourself. :D
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    Bet it took longer to type that out than intel did creating the logo.

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    Intel fighting for their last bastion mobile/laptops.
    Athena project strikes me like something made to look somehow elite, enhancing something that productive persons already do, but really, really nothing substantial .
    My 2 cents
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    Intel is getting its ass kicked by AMD right now. What do they do? "“With Project Athena, we are fundamentally changing our approach to innovation by defining blah blah."

    Project Athena is where it's at. Designing a logo is gonna shake some waters, y'all. :p
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    Reminds me a bit of the Centrino days.

    I don't really understand what Intel hopes this will accomplish, since it's only looking at their products. How exactly do they think this supposed to convince customers to choose Intel over anything else (not just AMD)? Pretending there's no competition doesn't make it cease to exist.
    If people need help in what they need to buy, they're not just going to look at 1 brand. That's like shopping for a new car, where a brand is like "here's an infographic that will help you pick which of our cars best suits your need". Most people shopping for such a thing have a general idea of what they want for things like style, fuel economy, cargo room, and amenities. If someone wants a large SUV, they don't need help figuring out if an SUV is the right choice for them, they want to know which SUV to get, and a lot of brands don't sell more than 1 type of vehicle per class. In the event there are multiple options per brand, it's usually in the brand's best interest to upsell you the best thing they have, so, it doesn't make sense why they'd want to give you a reason to buy their cheapest option.

    What people want to know is which product in the segment they're looking at offers everything they want for the best price.
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    Hah, the sad part is that the logo probably came into being over MONTHS of continuous effort. Some sad intel designers spent hours through many revisions, focus groups, A/B testing, etc. A buck gets 10, there was a whole horde of intel staff involved in this marketing stunt. Committees, multiple marketing teams, management giving the sign-off - not to mention all the people doing the actual work the design team and those coordinating printing / production / distribution of the badges and new packaging.

    Just imagine if this sort of effort was spent on something like, say, 10nm :p?
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    “With Project Athena, we are fundamentally changing our approach to innovation"

    No you aren't. You have not fundamentally changed a single thing, let alone your approach to innovation. Complying with your list of features that are standard for nearly every laptop sold today is not innovative. There is not a single thing innovative about anything mentioned. Every feature touched on has existed for a long time.

    This is nothing more than marketeering that it meaningless to users.
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    It should say "Engineered with ransomware in mind!!"

    Intel.... How can anyone buy their shtuff with a track record as messed up as theirs as of late!?!?

    I mean with vulnerabilities just falling out of their behinds every day how do you even suggest their hardware?!? What with the notion that it's new and they've learned from their prior mistakes.....?? Nooooooooo........ Waiting with new hardware for a few years just to see if it'll have some sort of inherent vulnerability baked in because of a performance gain on the flip side. You know there's going to be something that they've missed in their R&D.... Hope I'm wrong as I've been hit pretty hard with all of these vulnerabilities...

    AMD's fifteen percent increase in stock from Google and Twitter is looking very nice. And that's just a couple (big) companies making the switch. Can't wait to see who else makes the jump.
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