Intel Core i9-11900K processor review

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 30, 2021.

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    Not for the faint-hearted. Complex delidding process with higher failure rate than usual.

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    If I only knew how good those DFI P3 440BX boards were back in the day. We used them for OFFICE computers :x To credit, they were nice computers, and those were good boards - they survived for a few years until we replaced them with Willamette 1.7ghz Pentium 4's (should have been AMD, but this was before AMD really was *CLEARLY* on-top).
    I was too busy working 60~70 hours a week and saving up for my 1st house to really look into it. I had a Asus P3BF, Then a P4 (whatever it was for Willamette w/ RD-RAM) after it.
    Secret of Mana had this saying in the intro in the early 90's on SNES/SuperFami Time flows like a river and history repeats.
    It couldn't be more true now.

    If people don't learn from the past, they are doomed to repeat history's mistakes. That's why we're taught this in school. Evidently intel wasn't doing any homework on the subject, regardless of having a pile of gold-plated pens and fancy paper.
    Lucky for them they are 1.) still riding on the coat-tails of their reputation, and 2.) There's just no way AMD could have ever planned to sell this many processors even if they PLANNED to have over-shot their previously-expected sales by double or triple.
    Everything online is flying off virtual shelves as fast as it's replenished, and everything in town flies off shelves every pay day. The only stores that had PC stock for a while were places like Staples where absolutely no one except a few office workers go (because they don't carry anything anymore for the hardware folks; 10 years ago they used to have sound cards, power supplies, RAM, other various goodies - not anymore. To think, I bought a 3.5GB MAXTOR HDD back in 1996 from them IIRC, never could keep that drive alive though).
    Eventually as the pandemic dies off, and the demand is satiated, maybe this will eventually die down and I can replace my 2070 Super with something with MOAR video memory (I need* it, designing Los Injurus for BeamNG Drive = 8gb is not enough for max detail). That said, it's a bit of a first-world issue here and I'd have to be 'spoiled' to truly complain as at this rate it's not killing my work-flow yet - just more of a minor inconvenience. I was worried when I got my R9 3950x last summer that maybe I should have waited 6 months for a 5950x. Not feeling a bit of buyer's remorse though, and that's before anything pandemic-supply-issue related is put into play. Worth every penny. I can't brag as I keep it working daily, but if you're looking at a 3900x/3950x/5900x/5950x for doing said work, they're the Bee's Knees as they say & you really can't go wrong with these. You can get all threads going and then tab over to youtube and watch videos and read news and you'd never be the wiser (aside of any increased fan noise or heat) that something else is using the CPU.
    Will be nice when this is over in a year (I HOPE!) or so.

    *For those who want to parrot 'oh, you don't NEED 8gb, it's just allocating it all', save it, sit on it, and spin a bit for good measure. Just because that's what you hear in a Youtube video, that doesn't make you a tech expert per other's work-flow. Just relish the fact that I have yet to figure out how to punch parrots through the internet. *sigh*
    When things go from 60~100fps where they should be (40~50fps would be fine honestly), and suddenly my 500mb tunnel model comes into view and it goes down to 10~20fps or something equally as jarring, it NEEDS it. Currently I have texture detail set to medium until I can lasso my current development version down below 8gb again. Currently it needs around 9~9.5gb on max texture detail, plus whatever the OS needs for overhead. Textures + models = lots of VRAM use, plus more if your game uses DLSS or Ray Tracing goodness (mine does not).
    That said, I knew 8gb wouldn't be enough for long when I got it in DEC 2019, was having some AMD driver issues at that moment which necessitated the upgrade, and didn't feel like spending on a Radeon VII 16gb if it risked driver issues though would have entirely preferred the card otherwise. To that end, the Nvidia 'studio ready' drivers still have issues, not always as drastic, but they're still there just in different places. Playing Quake II RTX on my 'work' card was fun though.
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    Maybe I'll try it on my cpu when it's worth 100 bucks max.
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    and ten years old

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    I think the biggest problem for this CPU is not just to do with AMD Chips, its the fact that Intel are trying to promote this as a amazing gaming chip when its hardly faster than a 10900K, and less cores. and I presume RTX 3090, CPU and NVME are running at PCIE 4.0 when the 10900k runs a PCIE 3.0. I recently upgraded to a 10900K at a good price with a Asus Maximus XIII Hero hoping this new CPU would be great for games and to upgrade when the price went down later. Will be sticking with the 10900k for a couple of years now.
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    WTF? Every reviewer says otherwise.
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