Intel Core i7-11700 Rocket Lake Gets Benchmarked

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Feb 23, 2021.

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    that's a killer price for the 11400f, even with VAT it's 170 eur.11500 looks right where I want it to be at 220eur.If it beats 10900k in single core at this price it's an instabuy.
    11700f is pretty affordable,though i'd rather see it a 300eur not 330.
    everything above that is pricey.

    not even gonna comment on i9s,must be april fool's prices.
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  2. Agonist

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    Nothing intel brings out interest me.
    Too many things or needed to do what 95% of what ryzen does out of the box. Yawn.
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    At the end of the day Intel is still peddling an old architecture rewarmed, riddled with security holes, that is still monolithic in design and still manufactured at 14nm, with all of the negatives 14nm brings contrasted with 7nm. Win10 will still require lots of microcode patching specifically for these Intel CPUs. Increasingly, we will see Intel relying on spotty and questionable benchmarks, in addition to Intel becoming the value CPU supplier by lowering prices--which is fine and I see nothing wrong with Intel continuing in the runner-up category. It's notable at this date that instead of Intel making these CPUs available for purchase we are seeing more canned and conditional benchmarks in place of silicon in any volume. When AMD punches out Zen 4 I hate to think of what kind of "productivity" and otherwise benchmarks we will see from Intel! Heck, add on a couple AGESA's for Zen 3 and it's all uphill for Intel, anyway, prior to Zen 4. I wonder when we will actually see a new architecture from Intel? In two years, maybe? AMD has had 3 architectures released over just the last 3-4 years--Zen 1/+, Zen2, Zen3. Zen1 at 14nm, + at 12nm, Zen 3/4 at 7nm. Remarkable record of solid achievement.
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    I hope it does beat the ryzen , we need a competitive intel and amd so both can not run off with the prices .atm amd is running laughing all the way to the bank :p

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    Heat and power draw will be the achilles heal of RL. 14nm has been around for a long time and even the chips from 4 years ago (7700k) were hot.
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    i´m saying about mine 5900x on stock with memory 3200mhz cl14 stock too, i can´t get higher pontuation on cpu-z even when i overclock my memory to 3800mhz cl16, its exactly same pontuation, but using pbo i´m getting 685 points

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