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Discussion in 'SSD and HDD storage' started by Reddoguk, Jan 20, 2020.

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    So i finally want to get a cheapish m.2 drive and see many around the £110 mark for 1tb versions but it seems adding another 1tb making 2tb seems to make them near £300-£400.

    Just 4 of my most played games is over 300gb so i think 1tb drives are getting too small.

    The only one i see for a decent price is the Intel 660p 2tb @ £207. The others are like £350 for 2tb.

    I know the 660p isn't super fast NVMe but @ 1800mb reads and writes plus 200k/200k IOPS is more than enough for me since i'm only on HDDs atm after i killed my old SSD.

    I looked to see if HH has ever reviewed one of these drives but i don't think he has.

    I'm not clued in on SSD tech so any advice would be great. It is nearly 4x faster than Sata SSDs and 500-550mbs seemed fast to me.

    Is there a reason why this drive is so much cheaper than other 2tb models?

    Link for it -
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    It's 2TB of QLC memory with a 24GB SLC cache. It's to the cache where you get the 1800 speeds. If you fill the cache, write speeds drop down to about 100 MB/sec. I have one these, and use it as a second SSD drive, for my game installs.

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    QLC is slower than TLC and probably more importantly, it has lower endurance. The larger drives will still last a long time because of the larger spare NAND and pseudo-SLC cache. You should probably look into the 665p, it is supposed to improve some over the 660p.
    You could just buy a smaller, better NVMe drive as a boot drive for OS and apps, and then get a larger game SSD, which doesn't really have to be NVMe. Something like a 860EVO and even QVO will do great for just games and you might save some money.

    Edit: that's not a particularly good price for a 2TB 660P by the way, I assume the UK should have somewhat similar prices with the EU. I've seen that drive as low as 185 pounds (equivalent) in Romania. Probably worth looking for it in other stores.
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    Hi there

    For something around £200-£220 you can get Sabrent Rocket 2TB NVMe which I have tested and friend is running on his build and performance is quite good, other options are Corsair MP510 1920GB amd few others there

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

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