Instant shutdown after loading up windows 10.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by IceVip, Jul 12, 2016.

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    I would ask for replacement and sell it,just add to advert what buyer needs to do there,I would do that

    Usually not connecting supplied fans shouldn't cause those issue,but I'm not sure how NZXT Kraken works,I assume is similar to Corsair Hydro series

    If its like you are saying then that's limitation which I wouldn't be prepared to live,I power and control my fans through the fan controller

    Hope this helps

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    man , just get noctua nhd14. And nice ghostbusting xD
    Btw, if i were u, i couldnt go air after water tbh.
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    Sorry for bumping this but i just wanted to share the final result of this bullcrap.

    Seems like my phone was causing all this failure of the pump. I had a galaxy nexus that
    had its fair share of modding. Basically two years ago i stumbled upon a kernel mod
    for the phone that lets you charge the phone from the pc with the same speed as you
    would get if you plug it in the wall. The downside was that it only charges the pc cannot
    see it. And the weird part gets here, everytime my phone was plugged into the pc and
    i press the power button the pump doesn't start but if i unplug the phone and start the pc
    it runs fine, if i plug the phone while the pc is running it still runs fine. I don't know what
    exactly is going on here and how is the pump related to this, sure it connects via USB
    but that's the integrated one on the bottom of the motherboard. I guess it does make
    some kind of sense.
    Anyways I'm done with this. Sold my nexus gonna get an s7 tomorrow.

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