Installing drivers via Device Manager

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    ATI HD 4890
    Can someone guide me? I am trying to install the 11.5a RC3 hotfix. I have searched but can't find a good explanation D: Having to install via Device Manager since they drivers won't install normally.

    i7 920
    HD 4890
    Vista 64

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    Process is as follows:

    1) Install drivers as you usually would, and make a note of where you extracted them to.
    2) Extract asder00's vista fix to same destination. Vista should warn you that the Packages folder already exists, and ask if you want to merge them. Say yes.
    3) Open Device Manager (in Control Panel) and expand the Display Adapters
    4) Select your ATI card and right click on it... Select Update Driver Software
    5) Select Browse my computer for driver software
    6) Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
    7) Click Have Disk and navigate to where you extracted the drivers.
    8) Select the Packages/Drivers/Display/W76A_INF folder. Click OK.
    9) It'll prompt you to Select the device driver you want to install on this hardware, and the actual driver it found will be shown in the Model section. Click next.
    10) It'll install the driver and may warn you that the driver is unsigned. Tell it you want to install.
    11) It'll tell you driver will only be available after a reboot. Do so.

    That's basically it.
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