Installed/updated to new clean driver. Black screen but all seems to work?

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    I updated to new driver. However during the update I rant into this issue and I am not sure if all is well.

    I uninstalled the old (clean) driver using ddu in windows safemode. Then I installed the GTX 456.71-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql driver which I downloaded from a link on this site (thanks for providing clean drivers!).

    I got to the point where it started to install stuff I went to get something from fridge. When I came back there was a black screen. My monitor had no signal. I waited couple of mins, tried pressing esc etc. Nothing was happening. I pressed the power button on pc twice and my pc rebooted. I am now thinking something broke. All games seem to work. Gwent now runs (it did not run previously which is why updated my driver). All the games I've tried so far run. Blender works. Youtube videos work. All seems to be fine!

    Is it all fine though? If a driver install ends in black screen surely something is broken? What should I do next? Delete driver with ddu and try again? I have no issues but it's been like an hour so if there are issues I may have not seen them yet.

    I did boot into windows safemode to run ddu. I did disconnect my pc from internet by removing the network cable. I think I did all correctly. Wonder what happened, how do I check if it is all ok?

    Windows 10 64bit, gtx970, i7 8700
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    Reinstall the driver (just on top of current install, without removing) and see if you can get to completion now.

    There might be some missing or broken components.

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